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By on October 1, 2021

When it comes to the sea food fish is the one which will be most favourite food for all the persons. But there are some other categories of people where they want prawns as their favourite item. Similar to the fish prawns also having various types of nutritional values and it will give lots of benefits that are required for a good health. The health of the person will be improved by having prawns as it will be more beneficial for good health. You can find various types of prawn items in the restaurant and every item has its uniqueness in its taste. There are plenty of methods that are available to prepare the prawns. Among such varieties sambal prawn is one types of variety which is one of the favourite food items for the persons those who like prawns. The introduction of these item will be not required for the persons those who really like prawns. The method of preparation will be different from the other ones and this mode of preparation will make it more special as it requires some special ingredients and some special care while preparing this dish. If you maintain all the ingredients in the required quantities then the taste that you will get finally will be more delicious.

sambal prawn

Points to be consider while preparing this item.

  • As we mentioned above that some special care would be needed for this preparation because if one thing went wrong then the while process of preparation will be changed and ultimately the taste will be altered.
  • The first step that you need to take care while preparing sambal prawn is the selection of prawns.
  • The prawns that you have selected for the preparation of this dish is more important and it plays a crucial role.
  • The prawns should be fresh as the taste of this dish will be changed from the dish which is prepared with the non fresh prawns.
  • If you wanted to see the difference then you can prepare this dish by suing both type of prawns at the same time and you will know the difference that will make.
  • After selecting the prawns then the cleaning of the prawns are the most important thing that you have to done carefully.
  • If you are unable to clean it properly then the remnants that are uncleansed will alter the change.


Make a note on all the points that are mentioned above.

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