Chicken- a complete diet for the food lovers

By on November 28, 2017

Food is love for many of us, experimenting with food is one of the amazing things one can do, you never know when a dish made for the experiment can become world famous someday. Food is something which can connect people across the world, the ingredients used to prepare a dish in one country are almost similar in other countries what changes are the cooking style. For example, Chicken, one of the most loved food items across the world, there would not be a single country not selling chicken or dishes prepared using chicken, but the only difference is the preparations. In India, Mughals brought the dishes made from chicken and mutton and since then chicken and mutton are the staples from the Mughal cuisine. There are plenty of dishes that are made using chicken like butter chicken, Roasted chicken, chicken tikka, chicken pakoda, chicken kebab and a lot more, the list is endless.  All these mouth-watering dishes can easily be prepared at home with minimum efforts.

Why is it recommended to add Chicken to the diet when planning to lose weight?

Chicken is one of the best sources of protein hence if you are planning to lose those extra pounds then add chicken to your diet and one can notice the change in 1 or 2 weeks. Chicken is considered to be equivalent to a complete meal, hence when on diet, it is suggested to exclude some basic things like intake of oil, whole wheat products, therefore when not having these tummy filling food items, the body requires the desired nutrients and no other food item other than Chicken has all the nutrients in a single serving. Boiled chicken is best topped with some mixed herbs, salt, and pepper, other than this chicken soup is another variant of chicken that can be added in the diet, it not just tastes good but also is very healthy as when the Chicken soup is made all the nutrients remain intact.

Street food of India

Every city has some high profile restaurants and hotels serving some of their best and delicious signature dishes, but the heart of a real foodie are always struck in the street food, the aromatic food being cooked and sold roadsides can bring a real tickle in your taste buds.  And especially when it comes to the Chicken dishes no place other than old Delhi can be better. Serving the best and delicious food made with some special spices which give the dish an exquisite aroma and flavour and fascinates the food lovers to come and taste and these delicacies. Old Delhi was once the home to the Mughal emperors and it is said that Mughals were fond of delicacies hence this is still seen in the old roads and lanes of Old Delhi. The aroma filled in the air can make anyone crave to taste all the delicacies, all this has made the Indian cuisine among the top list of foodies across the world, hence the country’s capital has noticed the maximum travellers from the

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