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By on October 4, 2018

Fresh produce is the main factor that helps create award-winning dishes. And it’s something that everyone should strive for. With fresh ingredients, you can never go wrong with the cuisine’s quality and taste.

The Food Philosophy

The menu is made with seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Aside from its freshness, it’s also sourced locally to help support local businesses and the local economy. There are other advantages to choosing local business as suppliers. One: The ingredients are fresher because of the less travel time. Two: It’s convenient for all parties involved. With ingredients like this, it’s no surprise that experts are easily inspired to create amazing dishes. It even gives the boost of confidence needed when experimenting on a new dish.

The Story of Sun Wah Restaurant

It was a family owned and run that has came a long way since 1960 it has began its journey. Mordialloc became since day one when the guests love to order chop-siu; but they bring pots and pans. This then what became of Sun Wah today. It transformed from over 5 years of serving traditional Cantonese cuisine towards providing modern fusion Asian cuisine techniques, creating Sun Wah’s unique food. It is managed by Albert & Rowena, Restaurateurs, who proved their expertise in Asian cuisine are fervent devotees for Western and Chinese catering. The Sun Wah kitchen serves Asian dishes fused with Eastern and Western traditionally prepared food. The restaurant is now known for its Asian dishes ever since the day they started. The award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant tribute is included in the present list done by the AGFG as one of the top Fourteen Chinese restaurants in Australia.

award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant

Other Features that make a good Asian Fusion Cuisine establishment

  • Client’s testimonials – A positive feedback from the client will tell you a lot about how good a place is. It’s pretty easy to know how the general public views a specific restaurant or establishment. There are several review sites that you can refer to. Most of the time, the establishment’s website will also give you a glimpse of what most of their patrons have to say regarding their work and their food. These are very useful references already.
  • The amazing ambiance – Food is better enjoyed in a place where you’re also comfortable. Most of these dining establishments make it a point to create better interior designs and follow specific styles to properly suit the purpose of having the establishment. It’s also necessary for many patrons to consider this, especially since this has the ability to affect their overall experience.
  • Creative, unique, and high-quality dishes – The best thing about focusing on Asian Fusion cuisine and dishes is the limitless possibilities. There are different dishes from all over Asia that can be fused or combined with others. Through this, different dishes were born. And a good restaurant always makes it a point to provide the best options and unique dishes. This helps with branding and it also makes the place more memorable. Basically, good food highlights the entire experience.

The factors mentioned are what you should look out for when you’re looking for something amazing in an Asian Fusion dining establishment.

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