Adam Seger Discusses a few Tips on Becoming a Good Mixologist

By on November 17, 2021

Being considered an expert in mixology tends to be a major goal for many cocktail-making enthusiasts.  However, perfecting the art and science of mixology is not at all easy.  Much like any other profession, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into becoming a mixologist.  Newbie mixologists can always start off by reading online blogs and articles on the industry to gain basic knowledge. Checking out the newly launched microsite of Adam Seger that is focused on the art and science of making cocktails/food can especially be a smart decision.

Adam Seger underlines a few tips that can help people to be a good mixologist

Even if someone has just used their bartending skills at home or to entertain the guests at a friend’s backyard party, they can always reach the expert level with enough practice, knowledge and understanding of the nuances of mixology.  For people just starting out, exploring online resources would be extremely helpful. Today a number of industry leaders offer expert insights and guidance on the topic through the web, including Adam Seger. He had earned the title of the Best Mixologist at Time Out Market Chicago in 2008, has spent years mastering the areas of beverage, food, hospitality, and teaching. He has even created beverage and cocktail features for fundraisers as well as major exhibit openings at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago. At his newly launched microsite, one can go through detailed tips on exciting customers through every aspect of their dining and drinking experiences. Apart from going through online resources, one may even get enrolled on a mixology course to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry.


After a person has acquired the basic knowledge needed to be a mixologist, they should follow the tips mentioned below to become a true expert in the field:

  • Practice: There is no substitution for practice.  People should constantly try to practice to improve their skills. It will be better to try and mix new drinks whenever possible. Practicing with friends and family will help people to get much needed feedback. If they face any problems with certain drinks or bar methods, then they can always go back to websites that offer tips to aspiring mixologists to find a solution to the issue.
  • Be creative: Any good mixologist can always prepare classic cocktails, but the real struggle lies in experimenting. One should never be afraid to think outside of the box, and try mixing new drinks every now and again. It will be a great idea to learn basic culinary skills for great garnishes, as well as recipes for some popular dessert drinks. If a person is able to mix creatively and serve fun drinks that their guests love, it will definitely open their doors to many great career possibilities.

While making new and innovative drinks is always encouraged, one should always test them before serving them to the guests.

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