Silk vs Satin Sleepwear – Know the Difference Here

By on November 5, 2021

Silk is by far the most luxurious type of fabric there is. There are good reasons why it is of better quality than the others. And even if you have never worn silk sleepwear before, you know that they are pricier than others. They do not only help you sleep comfortably at night, but they also come with amazing health benefits for your skin, hair, and sleep quality.

And like other natural fabrics, silk also has a synthetic version, satin. Some people sometimes mistake them to be the same. When in reality, they are two different fabrics that are unique on their own. So if you are searching for silk nightwear online, then here’s what you need to know about the difference between silk and satin.

All About Satin

Satin is made from either natural or synthetic fibers. It can be from acetate, cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, or viscose. The price and quality of satin will always depend on the type of fabric used. Satin is the cheaper version of silk. Satin is always mistaken as still for an untrained eye because of its glossy appearance that is a characteristic of silk. They are more affordable but expect that the quality will not be as luxurious as those of high-quality silk.

Silk vs Satin Sleepwear - Know the Difference Here

What Makes Silk So Luxurious?

Silk is the type of fabric that is made from the cocoon of silkworms, specifically the Bombyx mori species that receives a special diet. This is more luxurious than satin so it is expected to be more expensive too. And it deserves to be priced higher because of the quality of fibers that are used and the time-consuming process to make it. Back in the old Chinese era, silk was an exclusive fabric to the royalties and the rich. But now, this is widely used for luxury items like sleepwear.

Sleepwear – Silk or Satin?

So which fabric is best for sleepwear? If you are going for luxury, then choose silk. Satin has its uniqueness that makes it desirable for more buyers, but the characteristics of silk are incomparable. The fabric does not only make you feel luxurious, but it’s also the best option for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies, and those who want to reduce signs of aging.

Now that you know the difference between silk and satin, would you still go for the latter? If you want luxury and the health benefits that come with it, then spend a little bit more on silk nightwear. There is no doubt that this premium fabric is worth every dime that you spend.

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