Japan Vacations Trivia: Things You Should Know About Japanese Fashion

By on February 17, 2019

The first thing that you will notice when you come to Japan is that everyone is well dressed and have fantastic fashion statements. We can talk about street fashion, which is similar to western counterparts, but they are still using a unique cultural perspective to come up with something new.

You can find numerous western fashion brands available in Japan from high-end ones such as Ray-Ban, Louis Vuitton,and Armani as well as more casual counterparts such as Nike, Zara and many more.

Traveling to Japan is something that you have to see in your lifetime, which is why you should check out the website: so that you can learn all the possibilities.

You can find Japan-original fashion brands as well as western-style shops that are providing a typical dress code which is dominant globally for whole lots of time. These brands can give you earthier tone that will give you a natural perspective of Japanese culture.

Where Japanese Buy Their Clothes

The first place that you should visit especially if you want to get intimately familiar with Japanese perspectives and fashion products, you should visit this particular shop that you can find in almost any city wherever you are.

It is similar to IKEA but when it comes to clothes and the best way to describe it is by using words subtle and neat. Everything will feel presentable as well as relaxed, which will reduce the hassle so that you can enjoy all the way.

You will get a tailor that will assure that everything fits, which is a great thing when compared with its western counterparts. The sister company of UniQlo is GU, and that is a cheaper solution for the most ofJapan, and many designs are quite similar.

The main disadvantage is that you won’t get the same amount of quality,but it is a perfect choice if you have a low budget and you wish to get something authentic and unique.

You can also try Urban Research, which will be quite anextraordinary perspective. In case you wish to enter and get familiar with Japanese fashion, then you should check this particular store because you will find a combination of local style and elegance similar to American Apparel.

Another thing that we can differentiate between Western style and Japanese is the injection of traditional perspectives and clothing’s in their fashion. Therefore, in numerous cities such as Kyoto, you will see people wearing Kimonos and Yukata throughout the year.

They will walk the streets in their Geta, which are wooden sandals, and when we compare it to Western fashion, we can easily say that these two styles are not mixing well. So if you want to enjoy the difference, you should go for a more traditional perspective.

You can find traditional Japanese fashion clothing stores that will help you take the best souvenirs towards your country so that you can always remember the times you spent back there.

That includes JikaTabi, which is boots with a toe space, Tabi, which are socks with toes, and Hakama, which are broad-legged work trousers.

 Even though these were the signs and uniforms of field workers and other laborers, today, they have been revived as the fashion statement especially when it comes to Hakama.

The best thing about them is that everything is unisex, and will provide you a combination of strong masculinity through connotations and shapes of challenging works, and yet it features feminine perspective through skirt-like materials and flowing style.

Women use a strong sense of pastel and earthy colors, while men mostly choose blue, black and general colors. The best places where you can purchase clothes are second-hand or re-use stores. These shops will provide you with the perfect fit when it comes to shoes and trousers.

Japan Vacations Possibilities

As you can see visiting Japan for your next vacation so that you can determine the style, fashion and everything we’ve mentioned above right in front of you. This is one of the best places where you can learn about fashion, but everything will change the first time you see it in person.

Your horizons will create a completely different inspiration that you can later use for unique designer shows.

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