Golden Earring Designs for Official Occasions

By on April 12, 2019

Gold earrings have been adorned by women since time immemorial. Irrespective of age and profession, there is gold earrings design for all. However, it becomes a bit difficult for the working woman when it comes to choosing earrings for official occasions.  As a professional woman, one likes to break the monotony in the formal wear that one has to dress oneself every day. Earlier women used to opt for diamond earring designs for the chic yet classy appearance. Nevertheless, gold is now featured in multiple contemporary designs to suit the needs of the modern woman.

  • Hoop earrings: One of the most timeless classics of gold jewelry worn by women, these are simple and come in various sizes for all occasions. Small sized hoop earrings are a particular favourite among working women for they accentuate the features yet do not call for a lot of attention. Hoops sometimes feature tiny ridges or stones so that they do not seem too plain. Gold hoops give a sophisticated appearance to formal outfits. These can be beaded or granular.
  • Gold studs: These are probably the first earrings with which a woman embarks on her journey of jewellery. The simplest type of earrings after clip-on, these are quite suitable for daily office wear. These are even worn by men for their simplicity and classic nature. Gold studs are often embedded with diamonds or pearls to give them a vintage look.
  • Drop earrings: These are cheaper as compared to other forms of gold earrings and match with a number of office hairstyles. These draw attention to the neck and shoulders, highlighting the facial profile, therefore these can make a useful accessory particularly when you are giving presentations in a conference or a speech. Gold drop earrings provide a uniquely feminine appeal to the professional woman.
  • Clip-on: If your ears are sensitive or not pierced, then clip-ones are the best type of earrings for you. You can buy pearl set gold clip-ons, moon shaped and half-hoop clip-on gold earrings. These can be easily removed, so wearing them would not be a problem. You can easily find examples amongst the latest earring designs.
  • Huggies and ear jackets: Huggies are embedded with gemstones such as emeralds and opals to enhance their look. One can wear them in the lobe or upper ear for everyday use. Ear jackets function as an addition to the main earring like a fixture behind the lobe. Thus, it serves to add some edge to even the simplest of earrings. The best feature of ear jackets is that different pairs can be mixed and matched. Both these earring designs can give an added layer of elegance to your utterly professional office outfit.

While purchasing earrings for formal purposes, it is essential to keep comfort and convenience in mind. Intricate and elaborate motifs are excellent for informal occasions on a grand scale, for office occasions, these are hardly convenient. The latest earring designs mentioned above will provide you with a variety of choices to select from and also prioritise your desire to have a combination of style and ease.

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