Would you STREAM it? or DOWNLOAD it?

By on August 27, 2018

     What a time to be alive for movie lovers, almost all movies that are ever made are in the cloud ready to be watched on demand. You do not even need to download it to be able to watch it! What gets to me is the knowledge that they can all be had and watched. These movies are just there in the cloud ready to be had. We never had this power over information before but now it is finally here. This control, for the most part, is free at the moment. There is no real monopoly but as this kind of service evolves, businessmen will find a way to profit over this.


     For online streaming, the most obvious reason for subscribing is the quality of the movie’s resolution. The free online streaming site may have just the 720p copy of the movie in question in their servers. A subscription may actually have the full HD version or the ultra HD version or even 4k content. There is a multitude of sites that have begun popping up all over the internet, sites such as 123movies offer services where you can watch movies free download. These free online movie sites have enormous title selections to choose from. There are no shortages for films of all genres down to all the tv shows just waiting for you to binge on.

Streaming, however, is not the only option. You can actually download the file straight to your device. You see streaming has its one strength and may also be its weakness. Because the file you are streaming is in their server, you need to have a strong and stable internet connection for you to fully enjoy the service. Having too slow a connection will leave you with a buffering movie file, where the movie plays and then stops, for the whole duration of the film! Sometimes the movie will not even start to play if the connection is too weak. Now, this is not a problem in fully developed countries but in places where internet connection is a bit new and lacking in infrastructure, this could be a problem. Another problem with streaming is it eats up the battery on your device like crazy that after just a few minutes of streaming your phone gets uncomfortably warm. Streaming also uses up huge amounts of data on your mobile and may be quite expensive if you always stream your music on the go.


    Downloading is when you take a file and copy it from an online source to the drive on your device, be it a laptop, tablet, phone or your desktop. Downloading will not actually be depending on the internet connection AFTER you have already downloaded the movie or music you want to watch or listen to. Downloading really comes in handy when you will be travelling. You will never know when you will be going under a tunnel or data may be interrupted. Not only will this save you a ton of dollars on data, but you can be assured that when you binge, it is interruption free.

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