US $1.5 billion (INR 108 crores) Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Is Still Unknown, Clock Is Ticking

By on March 26, 2019

The lottery is purely a game of chance, where the odds of winning big are always feeble. Specifically, the odds of hitting the Mega Millions Jackpot stand at 1 in 258,890,850. Now, imagine somebody winning this jackpot and refusing to come forward and claim their reward! This is what exactly took place last October.

On October 23rd, the MegaMillions numbers were drawn as usual on a Tuesday night. The numbers drawn were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and finally the Mega Ball number 5. The world was absolutely stunned as someone out there just won a jackpot of INR 108.6 billion. The records stated that the winning ticket was sold at KC Mart No. 7, a convenience store in Simpsonville.

The MegaMillions rules dictate that a person needs to claim his winnings within 180 days of winning. Following that guideline, the deadline to claim this jackpot ends exactly at 5 p.m. on April 19. The person needs to be present physically with the signed winning ticket at the South Carolina Lottery office in Columbia to claim the jackpot.

So far, the winner has not come forward to claim his win, which is giving rise to speculations. Some rumours state that he may have died of a cardiac arrest when he heard that he was going to be the owner of such a massive fortune. As a physical ticket was bought, there is a probability that it was misplaced, thus leaving the winner with no choice but to pass on the jackpot. This is why more players are adapting to the online version of lotto games on portals like Lottoland. As there is no need to buy and hold on to a physical ticket, there is no chance of it being misplaced.

It is also expected that the winner opted to take legal and financial advice. These advisors may have suggested to wait for tax reasons. There is also a possibility that the winner is advised to remain anonymous as it is allowed in a handful of states, including South Carolina.

Even the owner of the store from where the winning ticket was sold, C.J. Patel is waiting for the person to come forward and claim his prize. Once the person claims the reward, the owner of the store will receive INR 35,20,000. He is also hopeful that as the jackpot ticket was sold from his store, it will motivate more people to buy tickets from him.

Since the conception of MegaMillions in 2002, 182 jackpots have been won. The biggest jackpot that went unclaimed was in 2002 only for INR 47950 lac. The ticket for this jackpot was sold in New York, but the winner never came forward to claim the prize.

In case no one claims it this time too, the prize money will be distributed among the states and territories that sell MegaMillions tickets. There are 44 states that sell these tickets along with Washington D.C. and the Virgin Islands. The amount will be divided in proportion to the number of tickets sold in each of these areas.

Even though the odds of hitting the MegaMillions Jackpot stand at 1 in 302 million, people are still trying their luck. The reasonable cost of the ticket (roughly INR 140) is also a motivating factor. Other than that, the convenience online laying platforms provide is also motivating people to go for it. The lottery fever has gripped everyone across the globe and online platforms have played a significant role in it.

The good part of any lottery is that even if you don’t win anything, it doesn’t matter too much. This is because a part of the money collected always goes towards funding a few projects for society at large.

Let’s just hope that the prize doesn’t go unclaimed this time. The person should walk in soon with the winning ticket as the clock is ticking.

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