Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

By on November 29, 2018

They say that kids’ birthday parties are easy to plan because essentially they will not complain as long as they have cake and a gift. However, if you want your kid to have a memorable birthday celebration, you should give more attention to details. It is crucial that you involve your kid in the planning.

You have to remember that when it comes to scheduling parties for young children, you should think of the best timing. For toddlers, it is best to schedule a party after naptime. For preschoolers, it is best to schedule lunchtime. As your kid grows, the timing becomes less important.

Aside from the timing, you should think about the duration of the party. If you have toddlers or preschoolers present, it is best to keep the party maximum of 1 ½ hour.  If in this case, your kid is celebrating his 7th birthday, it is best to keep the party maximum of 2 to 2 ½ hours.

The theme of the party is another thing. It does not have to be extravagant. Keep in mind that the Kids Party Entertainment is something that the guests and the celebrant look forward to. Here are some entertainment ideas for your kid’s birthday party:

Try dress up services

If your son prefers face painting and adding some costumes, dressing up services will provide the perfect entertainment for the whole group. Your son and his friends will surely enjoy the transformation from an ordinary man to superhero or pirates.

Rent photo booths

Good memories should be captured. You can rent out a photo booth at the party and give all kids something to bring at home. While you are it, you should include different costume and prop ideas to animate everyone.

Take it to the pit lane

Think outside your backyard and take your party to the pit lane or slot car racing melbourne. If your son loves racing, it is better to take the group to the pit lane and enjoy hours of racing or driving. The good news is that you can find venues that feature your theme with food. This is good for you since there is less to clean up after the party.

Bring excitement through animals

Kids get excited when they see animals. If your son loves animals, it is time to make your backyard a petting zoo. Contacting animal trainers will give your kid and his guests the chance to meet and greet birds, mammals and including reptiles. Aside from petting, they will also get a bit of information.

Consider a music party

If your son loves music, try to bring DJs. Music will surely be the life of the party no matter how old your son gets. Aside from getting DJ, you can also arrange karaoke singing. It is always fun to see everyone dancing to their favorite music.

Think about magicians and puppeteers

Magicians and puppeteers are a classic. Kids are often amazed by magic. Your son and his guests will surely be entertained with the cool stunts and tricks of magicians. If there are younger audiences, a puppet show can give a good laugh and encourage imagination.

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