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Many people describe worship as an emotion or display of respect for a deity or idol. However, as you have a personal connection with God, you begin to realise that there is a far more profound expression of worship that goes beyond these simple acts. Founded in Australia by Russell and Sam Evans in 2000, Planetshakers Melbourne church is a large and rapidlygrowing church with five local and three international campuses in Cape Town, South Africa, Geneva, Switzerland, and Singapore. Russell and Sam Evans are the global senior pastors of the church.

People are transformed and led into their destiny when they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ spoken by Planetshakers—His yearning for connection and His ability to change lives and empower others. In miracles, we have faith, and we recognise and respect the presence and authority of the Holy Spirit. Exemplifying the Planetshakers mission globally via music and touring, international conferences and events, and Planetshakers Bible College, says Planetshakers Ministries International, which has expanded its global presence.

A sacred place to learn oneself

Planetshakers Melbourne church

Located in downtown Atlanta, Planetshakers City Church is one of the fastest-growing AOG churches in history — and it is the kind of church where you may feel safe bringing your unsaved friends.Planetshakers Church is an exciting place, especially with church services that seem more like U2 concerts than sermons and preaching full of energy.In Australia, Planetshakers Church is a Pentecostal Christian church connected with the Australian Christian Churches, often known as the Assemblies of God.

Planetshakers hopes to assist shattered dreamers in re-discovering their passion, pursuing their goals, and discovering their life’s purpose. Planetshakers thinks that enabling generations to win generations is the best way to win generations. They do this by assisting individuals in pursuing their life’s passions and connecting them to God in the process.

Planetshakers provides a sense of belonging and family. Efforts are being made to serve one another as well as our society and city, as well as to model the culture of Heaven: love and joy; peace; hope; generosity, praise, worship, prayer and faith and the culture of Heaven is being modelled by them.The primary objective of Planetshakers is for individuals to experience the physical presence of the Lord and His family in a personal and life-changing manner, resulting in them receiving the healing, breakthrough, and provision they need.

The services are modern, with participatory praise and worship, topical and practical teachings, and the chance to meet God directly as part of the experience.Planetshakers thinks that church should be a fun place to be when you go to attend on Sunday. They believe that the church should representHeaven as described in the Bible and be a place of continuous pleasure and gladness.


A secure, fun-filled setting — complete with a play centre and an indoor playground — allows children to participate in an age-appropriate church experience at planetkids. Planetboomprovides adolescents with a sense of belonging, cutting-edge innovation, and mentorship to succeed in today’s society.

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