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By on April 12, 2021

The best thing about our country is that apart from lots of spices we also have many movies to choose from. We can not only choose what genre we like but in whatever language we prefer.

One such movie industry gives us more comprehensive options to choose from in the south Indian cinema, commonly known as Tollywood. The word Tollywood is a combination of two words, tolly+Hollywood. Let us now have A LOOK AT OUR FAVORITE COMEDY MOVIE that Tollywood has presented us with. The unbeatable sense of humor and comedy plot is the best part of this kind of movie.You can watch many comedy movies online on aha.

With time, there has been an improvement in the content of the movies and the quality. We now have movies in hd qualities. The availability of HD MOVIES ONLINE has made us fall in love with the internet even more. These facilities have made us forget about television and binge-watch almost all the time. South Indian Cinema has come a long way in completing with the ever big Bollywood Industry. Today, they are making some of the best films in the world, that people are eager to watch their Hindi dubbed movies. These movies are making big not only on the Indian box office but also in the foreign land.

Babu Baga Busy is a Telugu film featuring Srinivas Avasarala, Supriya Aysola, “Mishti,” Tejaswi Madivida, Priya Darshi, Adarsh Balakrishna, and Sree Mukhi. Naveen Medaram directs it. Abhishek Nama produced the film. Sunil Kashyap composed the music. Suresh Bhargava cranked the camera. Mirchi Kiran penned the dialogues. The film is the remake of the Bollywood film “Hunter RR.” Srinivas Avasarala is one of the talented youngsters of Tollywood, and it is shocking in a good way to see such a talented actor cum director chose to do an adult comedy film. Babu Baga Busy is the story of Madhav, who is addicted to sex. He had affairs with a lot of girls. But, after seeing Radha, he decided to settle in his life, marrying her. However, the life after his decision to marry didn’t go well. When people came to know about his past, what will be their reaction? He got stuck by his weakness.

Did he marry Radha and settle in life? The answer to the question forms the climax, which keeps us so engaged that we are still wondering what is fantastic even at the end of the movie. Although Srinivas had played the sex addict, he had tried to bring the best out of him in the emotional scenes. Mishti, Adarsh, and Sree Mukhi had done their roles, as directed, and no surprise when they played their role amazingly. Their dedication and passion are the keys to the success of South Indian Cinemas. Mishti Chakraborty as Radha looked alright and delivered a decent performance. Tejaswai Madiwada, who plays the role of Madhav’s Ex-Girl Friend, looks lost and uncomfortable. ‘Pelli Choopulu’ fame Priyadarshi got the lengthy role and acted well. Anchor Sreemukhi got one scene and has amazed us with her performance. Tanikella Bharani and Sudha endured the role of Madhav’s parents. Posani Krishna Murali was seen in the film. Aadarsh Balakrishna played a unique role.

Over all the movie is a complete comedy, and just like all the other movies, this movie is also available online in HD quality. There is no doubt that HD MOVIES ONLINE have drawn a more significant set of the audience and it keeps us hungry for more and more.

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