How To Make The Most of Your Music Room in Hong Kong

By on April 14, 2022

Music rooms are some of the most private spaces in the home, and they’re also some of the most beautiful. Many people have music rooms in their homes because it’s where they play their favourite tunes. It’s a great space to create a comfortable home base where you can work on your guitar, piano, or another instrument. You can also use a home music room as a gathering space for friends and family members. The ambience you create in your music room can be as crucial as decorating. Here are a few tips on making the most of your music room Hong Kong.

Music Room Setup

 It’s crucially important that you have all your instruments correctly set up and ready to play. You should always have enough space around your instruments so that if you do need to move them closer, you can do so without bumping into each other. Make sure that the size of your music room is large enough for all the instruments and your furniture as well. Bring extra lighting in your music room, especially if it’s a dark room. Light can be a great addition to any space, but it can also cause eye strain and headaches if it’s too bright. Consider purchasing good lighting products from HasLab (http://www.haslablightingstore.com/).

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Small source light is more than sufficient for most rooms, but significant sources like floodlights work well for music rooms since they cast a large area of light upon the room floor or ceiling. A dimmer switch may be necessary to control the level of brightness in the room, mainly when you install new lights or replace existing ones (some are very bright). If you have a particularly dim or dark spot where lights aren’t dimming as much as they should, consider installing overhead lights over the spot, which will rise into view and lend additional lighting.

Music Room Decorating Ideas

Decorate your music room central relatively simply so that it still feels comfortable to use as a working space or gathering spot for friends and family members. Colourful images, bookshelves, or other decorative touches such as throwing pillows on a couch or loveseat are all simple and inexpensive ways to break up the otherwise bare-walled room. Wall hangings, wall shelf decorations, decorative mirrors, colourful flower arrangements and a few paintings can also accentuate the space while still looking fresh and creative.

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