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By on March 9, 2020

Many of us have our favorite movie that we can watch countless times and that we will never get bored. Opinions and tastes are different, so it isn’t very easy to think about a topic where you can list the best movies ever. We were thinking for a long time about it, searching, looking around. After hard work, we found the top three best movies ever that you can watch here!

Telugu movies have a lot to offer, so the choice was hard for us, but we tried to do our best and to pick films and films that everyone loves and agrees they are the ones you should watch as soon as possible. No matter the movie type you usually watch, we know that you will like these three movies. So, should we start?


Ganesh is madly in love with Sandhya, but she never cares for him. Her father is a wicked policeman who always suspects her. Despite Ganesh’s several attempts, he couldn’t win her love. A tragedy in his life and Sandhya accepting his love makes him realize his life, and he has to choose his career or the girl. What did Ganesh do is the story.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

Relangi mavayya is a very kind and good man. He is living with his family in a small village that is called just the same as his name. They are not so rich, his wife, his mother, Seetha (his niece), and two of his sons called Peddodu and Chinnodu. Peddodu is different, he is trying to live on his own and he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Seetha fell in love with him but he rejects her love.

On the other hand, Chinnodu is funny and friendly, and he likes Geetha (Seetha’s niece), but her father is jealous of his family. Although brothers live together, they do not communicate too much. Soon one of them will be married, and things will get quickly complicated.

Priyamaina Niku

Ganesh is a cool young boy who does not care about his studies. All he cares are his friends, and he is always trying to help them and be there for them if they need it. That is what worries his father. One day Ganesh found a diary that was left behind as Sandhya forgot it. She is the girl who fell in love with him when she heard him playing guitar, but he is not aware of that as these two do not communicate so much. But also, she is timid, so she will not be the one who will confess feelings. What did he do after reading the diary and knowing her heart is the crux of the story.

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