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By on April 25, 2022

Level O is the ordinary level. It is the first half of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and the second half of advanced students (Level A) Level O. It is globally recognized and is considered equivalent to the Cambridge IGCSE and UK GCSE.

Crucial exam for higher education

o level preparatory course singapore usually resumes in the 11-year-old (17-year-old) or 14–16-year-old group. This is the final certificate of high school students who have completed formal education. O-Levels is specifically designed to meet the needs of international students and offers programs for first language non-English students. Some Cambridge schools use international degrees instead of municipalities.

About the result of the test

While most universities worldwide require both O-levels and A-levels, some universities in the United States and Canada accept students with at least five O-level C degree courses in all five subjects. Find out more about the syllabus and curriculum from the website. The C English standard is similar to the English-speaking university proficiency levels at the O level in many countries.

o level preparatory course singapore

Get help from an experienced mentor to get the best degree

They offer personalized online lessons at home with the best teachers in Cambridge. The first choice is 100% satisfied or completely free. Ask for confirmation now and take advantage of your offer.

Detailed and intensive preparation for the course

This course prepares you to take the Singapore-Cambridge GCE “O” Exam; the same exam offered to 4/5 middle school students (ages 16-17) in Singapore Public Schools. The complete book “O” is known around the world. The program allows students to graduate from regional engineering colleges or junior colleges in Singapore. You can continue your research nationally and in other countries.

Thoroughly researched content to make study easy and effective

The content of the prep course is based on the offers of the Singapore Exam and Evaluation Program and is reviewed from time to time to ensure customer satisfaction. Hanbridge Institute can develop educators into leaders: B. Academics and their families must pass the O-Level exam so that students can reach their full potential.

Simple course content

The GCE “O” Grade Curriculum offers selection and assessment programs in Singapore for the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, and Accounting. Joining students can choose three options for each major from the list of full “O” degree certificates.

Hanbridge prepares the students such that the value of discipline is instilled in them not only for the o level preparatory course Singapore but also for life’s biggest test.

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