The Social Life in and Beyond Boston University

By on September 27, 2019

Boston University or BU sits at the heart of Boston, small yet a treasure on its own way. It is referred to as the “walking city” because almost everything is within walking distance of each other. Students can explore the entirety of the city in a day on foot.

Still, its size did not hinder an exquisite BU social life. Anyone can enjoy both the day and nightlife of the city without getting bored. It certainly has a lot to offer, especially for the students of Boston University.

What Activities Await BU Students?

The wide range of activities in the school is one perk that Boston University students get to enjoy. Boston University offers a lot of organization based on the preferences of learners.  It allows them to explore their interests and build passion.

For others, the associations pave the way to find people who share the same interests. Eventually, for the lucky ones, it leads to gaining new friends. These organizations are not limited to academic or creative welfare.

Sports fans also find their cliques as the university offers various types of clubs. It ranges from football, rugby, and even Quidditch similar to that of Harry Potter’s. Finding people with the same passion increases the chances of sharing experiences, ideas, and opinions on the topic.

Boston University paves the way for their students to feel connected to something bigger, like the rest of the world. It gives them the chance to be a member of a global society as the university opens its doors to all deserving students, regardless of their race.

Students get to learn something new from their foreigner friends. Merely standing outside room doors can encourage anyone to learn a few foreign languages each day.

Learners from other countries would not feel left out when joining the university. Locals have learned to appreciate other nation’s cultures and have even offered services like food to make them feel at home.

Life Beyond Boston University Walls

BU social life is not limited to the life within the campus. Even with a small city, it has fun activities that anyone would get to enjoy. It is surrounded by museums like the JFK Museum, where students can visit and learn something new.

It is also home to various establishments that expands the cultural appreciation of students. Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Huntington Theatre Company all pay homage to their hometown. The mayor once even proclaimed their city as “the world’s learning capital.”

The entire city of Boston has great landscape architecture that would make anyone feel relaxed and at ease. It offers fresh air and freedom for outdoor activities without leaving the vicinity of the city. Hence, it is considered as one of the best and healthiest cities to live in America.

Of course, a city cannot be complete without a nightlife. Boston has various hip places for students to meet, interact, and have fun on weekends.

Boston, MA

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