The lesson of protection for the lifetime: self-defense class Singapore

By on January 15, 2022

Self-defense is the way to protect ourselves against someone who is attacking us. It is easy as it allows us to protect ourselves and take appropriate decisions in dangerous situations. It is very important to learn self-defense. The crimes are increasing day by day, so we need self-defense against the criminals. These cases can happen anywhere, but they are more prominent in unknown areas which are not crowded. Every individual should learn how to defend themselves in dangerous situations where they might fall victim to a crime.

self defence class singapore

Advantages of self-defense:

  1. The first and foremost advantage of self-defense is that it helps to build confidence. It helps us to walk and live freely.
  2. It helps to improve focus and develop skills.
  3. It also helps us to maintain physical health along with skills.
  4. It helps us to defend ourselves with some knowledge.
  5. It acts as a major factor for our survival.

There are many academies which are running in Singapore about self-defense. Many professionals are working for the welfare of the youth. They provide the best guidance possible to prevent them from falling victim to crime situations. Particularly women are in the majority to safeguard themselves from the traps of falling victim. It is one of the best energy-efficient systems available across the world. The main mission of self defence class singapore is to provide ordinary people with the protection skills to prevent them from being brutal people. Many peoples attend these classes and are benefiting from them.


What happens when pressure points are compressed?

  • It provides extreme pain.
  • It provides a weird sensation.
  • It breaks the balance.
  • It causes loss of consciousness.


self defence class singapore taught us safety strategies, awareness, verbal skills to fight against the attacker. It helps us build full of confidence and helps us fight against the attacker in dangerous situations. These classes improve our psychological awareness and change our mentality towards violence. It helps us to develop self-confidence. It helps us to improve our focus and helps to develop physical fitness.

It helps us to develop newly acquired skills. It helps to build self-trust in ourselves. It helps us fight against violence, harassment, and discrimination in society. It helps participants to understand their roles and responsibilities towards society. These classes help people develop a desire to fight in any situation and make people build self-trust and confidence in themselves.

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