The Degeneration Of A Brain Is A Global Crisis

By on May 1, 2018


It is not common for people to not want knowledge and then go for monetary and aspects that increase their pleasure hormones for just a little amount. But once the endorphins wear off and the pain and the actual reality starts to kick in that is when the actual thinking takes place and that is when people actually realise what they have done and how much of the life that they could’ve lived has been wasted by a simple misfortune of events in their lives that they could not control. The real test of their faith in the actual things that matter in life for the long run will not be visible to their brains until it is too late and there is nothing to be done. People in the modern day world, have barely any time or they do not make time to focus their time and energy on the important things in life like knowledge or pursuing art and other forms of mystical things that will bring enlightenment. It can be clearly analysed through the average IQ by country that people only worry about how big their pockets are compared to the other person’s and how that will affect their size or the fullness of their wallets and the subsequent dough inside it.

average IQ by country

Focusing On The Important Things

As a matter of fact, it is far more likely that people will always focus their attention on the things that make them the most happy. If acquiring knowledge makes some academician happy then they will do it no matter if the entire cosmos were to turn on them. If a stock broker is interested on how to increase the viability of the current stock of a company then that is what he or she will spend their entire resources of time and effort on. And if a statistician is interested in the average IQ by country on their latest research paper then that is what most of their days and years will be spent on to make that a reality and fulfil that goal..


It is possible for people to not get hung up on things that do not matter to them and in the long run make no contribution to their lives but that is for them to decide and for them to make a choice of what to include and what not to.

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