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By on July 24, 2019

When we talk about creative writing we often fall into the following trap: considering it as the fruit of the “beautiful style” and daughter of unspecified “innate gifts” from which it would arise automatically, as water does from a mountain source. Instead creative writing can be cultivated with constant exercises, and everyone can experience it. However, as if this were not enough, this trap hides another: to think that there are gifted people, educated and, therefore, custodians of the ability to write creatively and others, denied, who instead must be content with the words of others. You may need help writing an essay and for that there is ample option now.

The Facts

Let’s face it, creative writing is nothing but the ability to make something happen, of course, and fix it on paper with words that didn’t exist until a moment before, not like that. No flashes of the mind, therefore, no baroque music. Creative writing is being present to oneself and, therefore, knowing the joy of this presence. To the point of deciding to share it with others we will say more: creative writing is intimately linked to experiencing the “flow” theorized by an expert, an optimal condition of mind and spirit characterized by extreme involvement, ability to concentrate on action, motivation and total gratification. In short, rather than creativity as an end in itself, it is right to speak of awareness.

Creative Writing, Mind, Presence

There would be much to say about the concept of presence, often put to the test by an increasingly frenetic society, which confuses us and overlaps the concepts of “experience” and “performance”. The first is devoted to living uprightly as it happens, the second focuses on the end in itself, and leads us to live everything as a means to an end, and not as an end in itself.

There would be a great deal to say about the role of the mind and about that “ergo sum” that does not derive from cogitare, oscillating like pendulums between a future that worries us and a past that does not satisfy us or perhaps does not belong to us completely, but from the quiet and sincere desire to live there the only thing there is: the present.

The moment

This moment is just as it happens.Life and creative writing happen at the present time, here and now, while we throw the mind to tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or we mull over what happened yesterday or the day before. In a word, we are not there. We are not present. We are not there, neither for us nor for others and our life situation becomes a reflection of what the mind projects. As if tonight you were going to the cinema and, at a certain point, you convinced me to “live” in the film, until you could no longer distinguish the film from what you really are. A pain if you think about it.

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