Some Important Tips for Time Management for the Students

By on January 22, 2020

Learning to manage time well is imperative for all and especially for the students.We at Best School in Noida feels that the students can be free from stress and anxiety by learning the skill of time management. We have seen students of almost all the age groups struggling for time to complete their assignments, projects and other work.Time management becomes of utmost importance especially to the students who have to appear for board exams and senior students who have to handle the pressure of doing so many tasks simultaneously.

Time flies away and once lost it can never be found again, but the best thing is that you are the pilot. It’s not about how much time we have, but how efficiently we use our time to turn our dreams into a reality.

Time management means the process of planning to divide your time for various activities for their completion in an effective manner.

In order to help our students with managing time efficiently,we at one of the Best Schools of Noida hasshared some important tips to share:

  1. Prepare a realistic Time- table

Help your child to prepare a schedule so that he is able to prioritize his work and complete his assignments and other tasks by following the time table. The child will understand to take up the important assignments first without falling into the trap of wasting his time.  This will be of great help to make him more organized and thus keeping him away from stress.

  1. Setting timelines for each session

By setting a plan for each day for completion of targeted work your child will get the desired improvement. This will go a long way in enhancing his self – esteem and in boosting his confidence. Moreover, one can save a lot of time by being organized.

Time management means the completion of your work before due time which saves you many moments of struggle-free completion of your task.

  1. Work on the Common causes of Procrastination

One thing at a time is the key to success which will enable the child to focus his full attention to the task at hand giving him a sense of achievement.

We as parents need to guide our children to put aside all things away that distract him and delay completion of all targeted work on time. Sit with your child and divide assignments into small manageable chunks to avoid last-minute panic and poor time management.

  1. Set Limit for recreational activities

Be aware of the time being spent on browsing the internet or chatting/gaming over mobile phones or watching T.V. or movies. Engaging in such activities beyond a limit can be one of the biggest reason for draining one’s productivity. The best way to overcome is to notice the total time of your involvement being consumed by such unproductive activities. Make use of interstices during the day by using technology.

  1. Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits

Don’t forget to take a walk in the park, play your favourite sport, meditate, jog or dance as studies have proved that good health is important for a person to achieve his goals.

Meditating and exercising will improve your focus and will provide you withthe strength to strike a balance. It will help cut the toxins out of the body and will result in a drastic change in the energy level, mental focus and stamina.

Similarly,good nutrition plays a vital role in keeping fit. Students must eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals and proteins& carbohydrates.

  1. Be Responsible For What You Do

Develop the habit of a weekly review of the schedule and tasks undertaken by you to look for loose ends and other matters that need your further attention. Pat yourself and feel proud of your achievement and scold yourself for your mistakes. The sense of achievement after putting your efforts in the right direction will make you feel happy and stress-free.



Time is such a crucial aspect of life deserves to be treated with a great sense of respect. If we master the art of using our time effectively we can bring about many positive changes in our life. Do not fake-out to be busy. Ask yourself – BUSY DOING WHAT??

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