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By on June 10, 2022

IP schools in Singapore offer integrated math subjects to their students to give them special training. With the help of Ip math tuition, students can crack GCE O’level examinations which are tough. So, approach math academia, if you want to get your student sec 3 ip math tuition.

What is this IP math tuition?

The tutors at math academia curate the curriculum according to the level of the examinations. The core principles it offers are critical reasoning, fundamental understanding, and application of skills. These lessons monitor the learning pattern of students and help them improve by focusing on their weaknesses. The tutors design the questions from the top IP institutes to exercise the brain of the students and help them improve.

There are different groups for the tuition classes at math academia according to the students. It allows for the distribution of pacing, sequencing, and depth for various IP schools. Topics covered in secondary 1 and 2 are geometry, algebra, numbers, trigonometry, and mensuration. Topics covered in secondary 3 and 4 are further algebra, functions, calculus, and proof in geometry.

sec 3 ip math tuition

What do the students get?

  • The institute provides explanatory videos for the students in case they miss a class. Students can access these videos from the online portal easily, and learn from the comforts of their homes. Students who want to revise that topic and clear their doubts can also watch these videos.
  • The institute provides supplementary resources like exam papers and worksheets for the students on the portal. These worksheets will help the student revise and improve the strength of various topics.
  • The institute provides the provision for inquisitive learning in which the tutors question the students and identify their weak points. It encourages the students to clear any misconceptions and instills curiosity in them. It is an interactive way to grow the passion for learning in the students.
  • The team of tutors provides regular feedback for the students of sec 3 IP math tuition on the portal. These reviews help the students understand their weaknesses and work on them so that they can improve.
  • Portal also has the latest announcements on different activities that a student can participate in to learn and grow.

So, if the parents are looking for an interactive classroom that provides specific training for the examination and focuses on every single student, match academia is the institute to approach.

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