Pre nursery Singapore: A new beginning for the kids

By on July 21, 2022

Childhood is the best gift of life. Young children go through a crucial period of development where they pick up on the skills and knowledge needed to become functional people. Therefore, the pre-school years are one of the most critical phases of their lives. At Tots and Teddies, the pre nursery singapore program caters to toddlers who have graduated from the playgroup level and helps them transition to the kindergarten level, preparing them for the complex Singapore educational curriculum when they move to primary school.

What is the environment provided for the kids to grow?

Located at the heart of Singapore within the CBD area, the preschool offers a safe and comfortable environment for little learners. The learning environment is designed around the needs of growing children. While safe and secure, they are also made to spark curiosity, encourage creativity, and enable them to develop a keen sense of discovery. During drop-offs in the morning, a health check-up is conducted to ensure the well-being of everyone at the center. Children are subject to daily screening to check for signs of infection such as hand, foot, and mouth diseases. The nursery children are treated to the premium environment, which includes a fun zone such as a kids café, Melissa and Doug toys and equipment, and outdoor trips to the children’s park.

pre nursery singapore

Benefits of Singapore preschools –

Attending a nursery school in Singapore cultivates essential skills and builds character in children. Few benefits are –

  • Learning readiness- Apart from arts and crafts or physical activities, the educational curriculum equips children with pre-reading skills, rich vocabulary, and a basic maths foundation.
  • Social skills – Learning how to interact and communicate with others helps build a child’s confidence. Through the weekly enrichment activities, children in the Singapore center enjoy fun activities such as indoor gym sessions, speech and drama, and even coding lessons.
  • Motor skills- To cater to children’s first motor skill development and provide outdoor experiences, the schools ferry their children every other week for morning outdoor time at the children’s park. In addition, children also develop their gross motor skills through weekly extracurricular activities. Children are provided materials such as large jumbo crayons, large toys, sensory objects, paint, arts and crafts material, and various manipulative tools to enhance their fine motor skills.
  • Social and emotional development- The schools promote social and emotional development in the children daily during mealtime, routine time,

drama play time, classroom interactions, indoor playground, and outdoor times at the parks.

Along with these activities, the kids are given training in a foreign language, such as Chinese helping their vocabulary grow.

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