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By on June 21, 2022

In the majority of A/O level physics examinations, students must have a good command of physics to crack these examinations. A good command can be developed by a deeper knowledge of physics topics and by applying it to real-world examples. This is what we do. We make them engage in various challenges. This helps them know the topics thoroughly so that any questions on that specific topic students can able to solve.

Why do students struggle in physics?

When it comes to physics in secondary classes, students struggle a lot to understand the advanced concepts. At the physics academy, our O-level tuition classes are specially designed for secondary 2 and secondary 3 users. We make students master physics. Our secondary physics tuition has helped more than 1,000 secondary school students. Our students have secured distinction in O-level examinations. Our learning methodology is excellent. With our learning methodology, students can able to learn 77 essential concepts in just 6 months.

secondary physics tuition

So many students have difficulty scoring good marks in physics examinations. Students can not able to crack the exam due to this. Solving all the physics questions in a limited time is what students face in physics examinations. At the physics academy, we make the students capable of solving the maximum number of questions in a limited time, and this helped them in cracking physics examinations. Students also give up once they fail the physical examination.

Our physical teachers are committed to delivering quality physics education to all our students. With our approach, students practically understand physics with the help of real-world examples. Our students also like it when we make them connected to real-world problems, and this is what we do.

In 2007, the physics academy was founded by ex-MOE physics lecturer MR. Bryan Lai.

We do everything for students to get a mastery of physics. Our tuition curriculum includes revision classes, holiday workshops, and crash courses.

Students who have taken our tuition are now confident in physics. Almost all students like our teaching method because it makes them curious throughout the lesson.

The coach of the physics academy is Mr. Bryan Lai, the ex-moe award-winning physics teacher, is also a book author and the best A-level physics coach in Singapore.

Our students’ results speak

Students have improved well in their physics grades and this is because of our teaching methodology of physics.You will see so many students’ stories where students have improved their bad grades to excellent grades.More than 95 % of students have secured either a1 or a2 distinctions.

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