Learning Japanese Faster through Knowing more vocabulary

By on April 26, 2021

Increasing your Japanese vocabulary can speed up your Japanese learning process. While this may seem like a well-known fact, most people skip this important step when learning Japanese. Many people know Japanese through popular words.

There are many more words you need to know when you start learning Japanese.

For those who have attended basic Japanese classes to learn Japanese, their teachers will probably advise them to know more words. But you wonder how many of you have followed this recommendation. In addition, many grammar lessons were taught at the same time. You do not deny that grammar is also an important topic. However, sometimes learning only grammar can get boring. Increasing your vocabulary can make your learning enjoyable.

Some recalled that on the first day of their Japanese lesson, the teacher handed out a Japanese vocabulary list that contained words related to that particular lesson. Over the years of studying Japanese, this set of vocabulary lists helped enrich my knowledge of Japanese words and strengthened my research in the field of Japanese.

There are many benefits to knowing a larger vocabulary. To name a few:

  • If you know more Japanese words, you probably want to speak Japanese. And the more you talk, the freer you become.
  • When you are trying to write something in Japanese, it will be much easier to write if you have more vocabulary. Writing to your Japanese friends will also help you communicate better.
  • Many Japanese students aspire to take the Japanese language proficiency test to measure the Japanese language level for non-native speakers. You will have a big advantage in the test if you know more vocabulary. Many of you know that time is an important factor in a test, and therefore knowing a larger vocabulary can speed up your reading and therefore have more time to answer questions.

One way to increase your Japanese vocabulary is to listen to Japanese songs. You unconsciously memorize the lyrics without difficulty. Perhaps people can achieve more if they do what interests them. It is difficult for people to digest text from textbooks. However, when it comes to novels that they enjoy, they find it easier to read without worrying about the details. The more novels you read, the more words you accumulate. You can also learn additional vocabulary not found in textbooks.


Watching your favorite Japanese dramas can also be helpful. You can learn many new words just by watching a drama episode. Our mind is probably more relaxed when you watch dramas, and therefore it is easier for us to memorize words associated with dramas.

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