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By on May 7, 2018

Wellington Primary School (Shanghai)

Wellington College offers a one of a kind and deliberately made learning group. An all-encompassing instruction and peaceful arrangement move their vision which is to help give understudies the qualities and states of mind of a worldwide citizen. Wellington school perceives that there are tremendous contrasts between private academy (Primary School) understudies and school section understudies. While the school offers the devices and direction expected to enable understudies to get ready for adulthood, Wellington private academy is more organized to address the issues of their understudies at each phase of their advancement.

Understudies matured 7 to 10 years of age, generally alluded to as lower prep students, get both steady scholarly and peaceful care. Classroom drove instructing has a gigantic concentration here, with understudies accepting master educating for subjects including Mandarin and Physical Education. Understudies matured 10 to 12 years of age, generally alluded to as the upper prep understudies, get an expanded ability to be extended and tested, both scholastically and socially. Upper prep understudies will get authority instructing in every aspect of scholarly training.


Wellington endeavors to arm its understudies with positive good esteems and a social soul that will help understudies to end up balanced people in our mind-boggling, present-day world.


Wellington perceives that each understudy is an individual and along these lines takes into account understudies scholastic and social needs as people. They endeavor to urge understudies to create themselves completely inside both curricular and additional curricular exercises. The capacity to perceive an understudies singular abilities, interests and interests are of pivotal significance to Wellington and they endeavor to enable understudies to accomplish their absolute best.


Free reasoning, study and improvement are perceived by Wellington as holding high significance to prepare understudies to live effectively in an always creating and different world. The educational modules and co-curricular projects offered by the school mirror this and spotlight to a great extent on character advancement and administration abilities.


One of Wellingtons essential points is to move its understudies to develop an incredible love of instruction and learning and to take forward their experience of learning at Wellington to rouse others. Wellingtons profound legacy and scholastic greatness have propelled numerous ex-understudies to go on and end up fervent supporters of the school in later life. Primary School in Shanghai

While these aptitudes and qualities are created on a more profound level once understudies achieve school section level, Wellington perceives that acquainting these at an early stage with youthful understudies can help shape them into winding up balanced people both in the present and later on in both their scholastic, expert and social life. The Journey from Pre-Prep to Prep School (Primary School)

Wellingtons number one objective is to move an adoration for discovering that will enable set understudies to up for progress as they advance through life. As understudies move from pre-prep into private academy the schools center changes with a specific end goal to accomplish this objective effectively. The accentuation concentrates more on high scholarly guidelines and in addition the presence of a more broad and changed decision of co-curricular exercises to enable understudies to begin building up their own advantages and interests.

The blend of these two ways to deal with training is an essential piece of Wellington’s educational programs and vision, which endeavors to empower all understudies (frequently alluded to as Wellingtonians) to satisfy their maximum capacity. By offering conventional and formal showing hones, and inventive and innovative methodologies, Wellington can offer an exceptionally successful learning model which takes into account every understudy singular adapting needs. The educational programs offered by Wellington private academy depends on the English National educational modules. While mirroring the school’s International notoriety and various, multi-national understudy body, It has been intended to improve and fuse the best components for gaining from the International Primary Curriculum.

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