Is JEE Main Online Examination Tougher Than Offline One?

By on May 2, 2019

The JEE or the Joint Entrance Exams is an exam held by the National Testing Agency or NTA of India. This is considered to be one of the most difficult competitive exams in India. There are several various institutions that offer courses solely to crack the exams and thousands of students apply for these exams every year. This gets you seats in the top engineering colleges all over India. There are several benefits that you can get from these courses, and you will be a sorted person when you graduate from these colleges. These exams are a big thing in the country and people who crack the exams are highly regarded here.

There are two different types of JEE exams, and they are the online and offline versions of the exams. They are not very different, but then again there are a few major differences when it comes to the two different forms of exams. The offline or the pen and paper mode of the exam is what has been going on since the start. The online exams are however what is more common lately. The exams are said to be completely shifting to the online base since the year 2019.

Pros and Cons of the Offline Mode of JEE Main

To know which mode of the exam you should opt for, you should first know the pros and cons of the exam modes. The offline mode has a few advantages as well. Firstly it is about confidence. It is the usual way you give an exam and have given most of your exams in your life. Hence the confidence is more, and you feel better about it. Then again you will also not need to solve the online mock tests as you wo0nt be attempting that the format of the exam.

There are a few backsides of this format as well. It is more time consuming as you have to do it physically and it will consume some time at least. Moreover, you cannot change the answer once you have marked them. This is a major downside of this format of the JEE Main. Again the method of reviewing the questions is also a drawback for the offline format of the exams.

Pros and Cons of the Online Mode of JEE Main

This is the need of the hour, and the only difference here is that the technology is used for better ease for the students. This may seem difficult, but it is just the same as the offline mode. Rather this mode of the exam has a few advantages of its own. You can change the answers once you have marked as well. The marking of the questions doesn’t take time as it will be just by a click of the mouse. The online exams are held a week after the offline exams, and hence you have more preparation time. You can even mark a question to review it later. This is another major advantage when you are in doubt with a question. The result is also quicker than the usual offline tests.

The disadvantage is that you have to sit for mock tests and even have a little lack of confidence as it is a different form of the exam then you have done most of your life. Another drawback is that you will be given separate rough sheets for the online exams and the shift from the computer to paper and vice versa can be a little difficult. In case of any system failure or technical problem with the machines, though you won’t lose time, it will hamper your flow in the exam hall.

Which Format of JEE Main is Tougher?

It is not about which exam is tougher or which one is not. Then again you should opt for the online format as there are a lot of advantages in it. However, it is basically on the way you practiced that matters how you are going to perform. The difficulty level of both the exam formats is going to be the same. For more details click this link –

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