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By on October 13, 2021

We should be practical enough to see that equality of opportunity does not imply, and should never result in, equal success, no matter how difficult it may be to accept on a personal level that this is the case.  Some flowers that bloom late in the season may still be breathtakingly beautiful. Any exam result does not necessarily indicate that a student is fundamentally weak in the subject matter being tested. Some pupils are unable to answer mathematical issues due to a lack of ability or attitude on their own. Some people can only solve the kinds of issues they have been trained to address, and they can only do it using the techniques that have been prescribed to them. Only a few handful are capable of solving new kinds of issues utilising novel approaches.

Aside from parents scouring the internet for psle math exams, schools often give practise papers to students. When you put all of them together, you’ll see that they have certain commonalities.

The same problems will appear in many papers and will be simple to solve. These questions will also appear in future papers and thus are likely to show up in future papers. Some of the questions may be difficult for your kid to answer. In this instance, ask your child to maintain a list of the most often asked questions that they have difficulty answering.

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Complicated inquiries that require youngsters to “explain or compare” may be challenging for your child to understand. That is why they need further assistance with the responses. A list makes it much simpler to go back to such questions when you need time to focus on tough issues and seek assistance.

Using previous PSLE papers, the most effective strategy is not to complete a huge number of articles, but to complete enough just to identify the possible key issues. In addition to solving previous papers, your child’s school may also need them to do so, thus making your home a repository for question papers is not a viable option.

Following the completion of a few sheets, assist your kid in concentrating on the questions that are the most challenging for him or her. You may make a separate sheet of paper with just those answers and print it for your kid to use during his or her practise sessions. The goal is to prepare your kid for examinations in such a manner that they are confident in their ability to grasp the concepts as opposed to just memorising the answers.

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