Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University Explores The Ways Hiking Can Be Good For a Person

By on December 1, 2021

Spending time outdoors near nature is more important for people than they realize. Being surrounded by nature can help people to truly relax and calm their mind, which is often difficult amidst the frenetic pace of city life. One of the best means to take a break from the daily schedule and spend time closer to nature would be to go for a hike.  People all across the world enjoy hiking, including Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University. While Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University is a clinical professor, he does try to take out time from this daily routine for hiking, whenever possible.

Hiking in nature is not only good for physical well-being, but also has a positive impact on the mood and mind of a person. The synergistic effect of physical activity and time spent in nature tends to make hiking an ideal activity for boosting overall health and wellness. Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University and many others try to go hiking whenever they can to enjoy its benefits. Harvey also practices Iyengar yoga and enjoys basketball. All of these activities have certain health benefits, which can help people to improve their lifestyle.

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The top advantages of hiking include:

  • Hiking is a good physical activity. Much like any other exercise, it helps in burning fats, shaping the body, and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Hiking regularly can go a long way in enabling people to stay fit, active, and healthy.
  • People today lead busier lives than ever. Full social calendars and nine to fine jobs can be extremely draining, both mentally and physically. Going on a hike offers a calming effect that only nature can offer. It allows people to renew their energy levels, and bring back positivity and vigor back into their lives. Exercise, in general, can be a great stress-buster. However, as hiking is done outdoors in a natural setting, its calming benefits are greater than any general workout.
  • Each hiking route and path differs from one another. This activity allows people to go on little adventures of their own and discover beautiful landscapes.  Such experiences make the activity a lot more enjoyable. While typical workout routines often become boring and tiresome for people, going for a hike is always fun.
  • Hiking is an ideal activity for any person who is fond of nature. People living in cities hardly get to truly spend time amidst nature. Going for a hike allows them to do just that.

Regardless of their age, background or profession, hiking is an activity meant for everyone. Hence, numerous people like Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University choose hiking as their hobby. Hiking essentially involves certain tasks and activities that other exercises don’t, such as trails. Overhanging branches, trail markers, slippery dirt, and many other elements that one may encounter require prompt thinking and action. This can contribute to sharpening the mind, as hiking exercises the part of the brain that is designed to help people navigate through life.

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