See some important types of orthodontic appliances that can be used!

By on March 17, 2020

There are several types of orthodontic appliance on the market today. Each model has a purpose, and the options suit all patient profiles and pockets. Do you want to know about some essential dental appliance models available, and their characteristics? Make an idea about some orthodontics appliances before choosing the best Invisible dental braces in Kolkata.

What are the types of orthodontic appliance?

There are fixed and removable models, with or without brackets, metallic and transparent – each with a specific purpose.

  1. Fixed metallic appliance- This is the most common type of device, characterized by the presence of wires, bands and brackets. In addition, this model requires the use of erasers – which can be transparent or coloured – which bothers some patients.The great advantage of this device is that it provides very satisfactory results, and is indicated for almost all types of dental misalignment.
  2. Fixed aesthetic appliance- The aesthetic fixed appliances are divided between the models of polycarbonate, porcelain, and sapphire. These have transparent brackets, which makes the accessory almost imperceptible, especially over long distances. It can help to maintain the treatment, and make the patient have a full braces
  3. Self-powered appliance- This model is also made by metal, but it does not need coloured erasers. This is because the orthodontic wire is directly attached to the bracket, which makes its use more comfortable and discreet.It is more effective than others, which makes treatment much faster. There is the self-ligating aesthetic, porcelain, and sapphire version!
  4. Transparent aligners- These are one of the most modern models, as they are made with the help of specific software, tailored, according to the patient’s dental arch.The invisible device is very comfortable, which makes the investment worthwhile, even if the model is more expensive than the others. It is worth knowing that it is indicated for simpler cases of tooth misalignment.
  5. Palatal expander- This type of device used to correct the patient’s bite or increase the size of the palate – roof of the mouth. Still, it is more suitable for children, but it can also be used by adults, with the exception that a surgical intervention may be necessary.

So, before choosing the Best dental clinic in Kolkata, always make sure these devices are available or not in the clinic.

Throughout the content, it was possible to know several characteristics, and details about the use of orthodontic braces. So go and take appointment from the best Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkatato get back your precious smile!

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