An Extended Guide on Children Dental Care

By on May 6, 2022

Many parents have somehow heard such attention. This time, we will introduce the risk of a child getting cavities by the age of three, causes of tooth decay, and children dental care methods.

Cavities are hereditary?

The cause and prevention of tooth decay must be careful. Even babies can be used for cavities! What to do if the correct precautions are made? Two risks of tooth decay by the age of three are involved in the future of a child. The risk of a child becoming a cavity by the age of three is broadly divided into two categories. The dentist becomes traumatized, cavity treatment is delayed, and the baby tooth becomes tattered. As a result of the battered milk teeth, the teeth alignment of the permanent teeth becomes worse. First, the first risk of getting cavities by the age of three is that the dentist will become traumatized. If the children dental care or cavity treatment will be delayed, the baby’s teeth will be tattered.

When you were a child, you were afraid to go to the dentist and couldn’t help it?

Cavity treatment is often poor for cutting teeth, anesthesia, and even for adults. If you are a child, the pain is even more so. As a result, even if your teeth hurt, some children may have worse cavities by putting up with them without telling their parents because they do not want to go to the dentist.By the time parents notice and bring them to the dentist, there are many cases where their best teeth are in tatters.

children dental care

Children love sweet treats such as candy and gum


However, children’s teeth (milk teeth) have soft enamel and “demineralization” is more likely to progress than adult teeth (permanent teeth). As a result of eating a lot of sweet foods and continuing to demineralize in the mouth, it becomes a cavity.

3 ways to prevent cavities up to the age of 4

In terms of how to prevent tooth decay in children, we recommend the following four methods to prevent cavities up to the age of 3.

Don’t change your mouth to food

The first is not to change the way of mouth. As mentioned above, one of the causes of tooth decay is an infection of tooth decay bacteria from parents. To prevent infection of tooth decay bacteria from parents, avoid mouth transfer of food, so as not to infect children with tooth decay bacteria.

Brush your teeth well

The second way is to brush your teeth well with your child. Small children often dislike toothbrushing, and parents often give up careful toothbrushing because they also take their hands.

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