What are the Benefits of AI in Recruiting?

By on May 7, 2019

Recruiting is serious business in today’s corporate world where it is common for professionals to get rid of one job and grab another one like using tissue papers. Therefore, the techniques of acquiring talent have to be upgraded according to the advancements taking place in the current fast-paced, technically evolved business realm.

The recruiting domain is all about making long-lasting and rock-solid relationships that last for the long term. The hiring process encircles the act of bonding with the applicants, make them excited about your employer brand. The candidates must have high regards for the organization’s mission and values and it’s the job of the HR leaders to make that happen by nurturing talent and providing them with the facilities to thrive in the culture that organization is trying to uphold.

However, life is not always rosy since capturing, developing and retaining talent is one of the most troublesome jobs. When you are flooded with a plethora of resumes, cover letters and recommendations, you really do not know where and how to find the right people for your firm.

It gets tough to identify the candidates who are worthy of your time and financial investment, especially when the cost of a bad hire is staggering. 25 % of Top companies end up wasting as high as $50000 while 41% of other organizations spend $25000 as a result of employing the wrong person. So, not every business can afford that, can they?

On that account, the recruitment process needs to be transformed and made compatible with the current technological climate. How can recruitment be given a better shape?

AI in Recruitment

There is finally a way to infuse efficacy into recruitment by leveraging the infinite power of Artificial Intelligence. S, now HR practitioners do not have to experience sleepless nights and work non-stop throughout the week in search of suitable candidates. Open positions can be filled without flustering yourself nine hours a day.

Here are the Top Three ways in which AI can change the Future of recruitment:

  1. Enhancing the quality of candidates

You cannot select hire a perfect employee without a pool of appropriate, competent candidates in your kitty which is only possible if you are able to put across a well-structured job description which can be conveniently done by taking assistance from AI technologies. By using high-tech tools, you can ensure a robust gush of apt applicants.

  1. Automating monotonous tasks

From scheduling interviews to screening candidates to assigning chores to the team members, HR leaders have a myriad of duties in their hands which they can pass on to AI devices which can act as their personal assistants. Ergo, you can say bye to mundane work and welcome the essential issues that actually need human attention.

  1. Providing a better experience to candidates

AI in recruitment caters to the needs of all the parties. On that account, it’s not only the HR people who benefit from Artificial Intelligence but the candidates also leverage from it. Making the candidate’s experience a pleasant one is an intrinsic part of the recruitment process that can be improved through AI.

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