How are Proctored Exams Beneficial to Companies?

By on September 28, 2019

Proctored exams are being increasingly adopted by educational institutions, employers, certification bodies or any institution that is looking to test candidates. Though all proctored exams use a software or an application installed on a computer andtracks test-takers behavior, exams can vary in that how the software tracks test takers’ behavior. Software used for proctored exams can function in different ways.

Why proctored exams?

Earlier invigilators or proctors were required to oversee candidates while taking exams. However, it has been replaced these days. Mostly because using a software for proctoring increases the efficiency as well as effectiveness of invigilation. Day by day, learning is becoming more remote, having proctors physically present at every possible remote test location isn’t a convenient option. Hence, world’s top companies and intuitions are using online proctoring services to conducted exams.

Humans make mistakes and it is possible that cheating test-takers might skip proctor’s eye. The possibility of cheating gets reduced to almost zero or with a software. Thus, making proctored exams better than manual tests.

Types of proctored exams

Based on how proctored exams works, they can be categorized into—

  1. Online proctored exams – In this type of proctored exam, a candidate takes test while a proctor oversees the candidate through a web cam. Proctors are trained to look for any fraudulent or unwarranted activities.
  2. Recorded proctored exams – As the name suggests, this type of exam records video of test-takers which is later used to check for any unwarranted activities the candidate may have been involved in during the exam.
  3. Automated proctored exams – This is the most prevalent type of proctored exam. It uses facial recognition, biometric keystroke analysis, and other technologically advanced techniques to identify test taker’s identity, including artificial intelligence to track candidates’ behavior. Any suspicious activity detected is flagged for review.

Additionally, in automated proctoring, you get a live view of test-taker’s test session. You can take a live view of any test taker’s screen during exam. If you find something suspicious, recording can be rewound without interrupting live session.

Benefits of proctored exam

The major benefit of proctored exams seems to be the elimination of in-person invigilators. There’s more.

  1. Online proctored exams are more economical as the need to hire in-person invigilator and test centers is eliminated. For organizations looking to conduct exams in remote locations, it is even more beneficial.
    2. Proctored exams allow the flexibility to candidates to take tests as per their convenience. Exam providers can allow a time frame instead of a single time slot to take an exam.
    3. Organizations can scale worldwide – conduct more exam with greater geographical area.
    4. Requirement of space is reduced. Typically, tests are held in large and spacious halls, especially at educational institutions. Test takers can take online proctored exams from anywhere, so that reduces the cost to rent test centers and eliminates the need of examination halls which can be utilized for other purposes.
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