Working with Affinity Payroll Services

By on July 30, 2018

Payroll Services

All the payroll burden can be removed by the Affinity specialized services and systems. Their technology will also include the query from the employee for supporting and management.

Affinity team is certified and managing the complete payroll process starting from the interpretation of awards to the benefits of payroll administration.

Maintenance of Employee Masterfile

All the edits and updates are managed electronically for Masterfile of the employee.

The output of Payroll Service

All the deliverables and the service outputs are highly automated and are forming the part of the service agreement.


Payroll Support for Business

Employees can take the direct support from the payroll manager of Affinity. Employee self-service of affinity at will allow the people to complete the performance reviews, apply for the leave and update all the personal details. Besides this, you can also create the electronic forms.

Manager Support

The manager is able to access directly the payroll manager of Affinity. Dashboards of manager will act as the personal assistant to them and will help in simplifying the daily administration of authorizations, leave requests, managing performance reviews and plan the labor budgets and optimization.

Executive Support

Executives can stay on top of the process management, notifications, and the authorizations. In addition, they have full access to the reports of the company.

Outcomes of Payroll Service


A new candidate is enabled to engage with the organization by providing them the tools for their role. This will also ensure the proper exit of staff and will help in managing and recording all the updates.

More feature will be as below:

  • Newer staff will get the positive start to their career
  • HR and Manager both would be aware of the task and the status, which required during onboarding and offboarding
  • All the processes are digitalized and managed
  • Compliance is ensures

Core HR Functions and Payroll


All the employees are paid on time by the payroll processes, which depend on the conditions of the employee.

More features include:

  • All the processes are managed and automated
  • Timely Payment of staff with the correct amount
  • Managers will get a clear view of the costs of staff
  • Data transfer will happen very smoothly from payroll to the finance systems
  • It will manage and centralize all the information of an employee
  • It will remove all the internal required payroll resources and expertise

Reporting and Analytics

HR work would involve the Reporting and the analytics for which it is required to extract and transform the data from the HR systems. This will give you the insights on how the capital is being used in the organization.

More features are as below:

  • Single source for all reporting
  • Reporting can be completed very easily and quickly

Data of the reports can be trusted

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