Why Fabric Covered Buildings And Canvas Buildings Are The Best Choices

By on January 1, 2019

Everyone involved in a business that needs a storage house knows how expensive these buildings are. No matter if you want to build one yourself or rent an already erected, it takes a fortune to have and maintain this kind of place.

Looking for an alternative choice is a logical answer to this. However, not many options are available if you want a building made of solid material. But, then again, do you really need a castle-like storage house to keep your boxed goods? Did you ever hear about the fabric and canvas buildings?

What are fabric and canvas covered buildings?

These buildings are made of a strong base and flexible fabric that is covering it. The base is made of wood, steel, iron, or other rigid materials that are placed in the ground. After that, the fabric is stretched from the one side to the other forming a closed building. Here are 5 Things to Know About Fabric Covered Office Buildings:

They are very flexible

A standard building is made of foundations and strong materials that can’t be moved afterward. The canvas buildings are much different because the base is just placed in the ground and can be taken out any time.

That means you can transport the whole building from one place to another in a few days. All the materials used can be reused for the same building that you might need on another location.

Canvas buildings are durable

Even though people think that these kinds of buildings are not durable, the truth is actually completely opposite. The Fabric made buildings are very durable and can take any weather condition. Of course, if they are built right.

The fabric is lightweight enough to be operated by people but it’s still strong enough to take a few hits. For example, a simple knife cut won’t do any harm to it. Also, if it is connected properly, a strong wind won’t tear it off, so you have nothing to worry about. Learn about the Beaufort scale of winds here.

They are very affordable

A solid building can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. A fabric covered building is really inexpensive. Of course, this depends on the size you need and the type of the overall material you’ll use, but you can do it for as low as $20.000.

If you compare this amount with the money you’ll spend for a solid build house, you’ll easily realize that you’ll pay 1/10 of the price. You save 90% by building this. That money can be invested in something else that is also important. So in a way, you’re investing in your company by doing this.

They offer a lot of space

Since they are very affordable, you realize that you can make a building that is more spacious than you actually need and be prepared for times when the business will go even higher.

A storage house is a place that must offer a lot of space for everything that is needed. Even if you need the place for something else than storage, you’ll still feel better in a room that won’t make you feel claustrophobic. So, instead you spend top dollars for something small and solid, invest in a large hall that can be used for several different needs.

Can be used for almost everything

You might think that only warehouses are suitable for fabric covered buildings. This is not true. Of course, you can’t make a family-oriented house from it, but everything from company offices to a time-limited shelter is completely fine.

Depending on the base and the rest of the materials used inside, you can manipulate with space and make one part warehouse and one part office space where you and the employees can do the logistic part of the job. Learn more about warehouse sizes on this link:


As you can see, for 1/10 of the regular solid building price, you get almost anything you need for your company. On top of this, your building is not tied to one place and can be managed anyway you need it. It’s the best choice for companies that need a lot of space but are just starting the business.

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