What to Look for When Buying a New House in Sungai Buloh

By on March 4, 2019

Thinking about buying a new house is like trying to plan the perfect theme for your wedding day, it would bring excitement, planning, stress, and of course, lots of money to spare. This is because if you ever buy a house, you’ll have to look past the fresh paint and start looking around the house to see if there are some parts that need repair.

Buying a slightly damaged house doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it, but it would just give you a better idea by offering the seller is giving a discount for the house. Now, here are the things that you need to look for when buying a house.

  1. Check the Roof If It Needs Some Repairment

Before you go checking the house inside, you should first inspect its outer appearance, especially its roof. Does the roof look like it was repaired recently or newly replaced? Is it starting to cave in? if you think that the roof needs a lot of repairing, it would surely end up costing you. Therefore, you should choose a house that has minimum damages.

  1. Do Not Look Past the Newly Painted Walls

When you step inside the house, do not simply judge it by its newly painted walls, as it might be hiding something from you. Focus on the house’s structure, check if there are some loose wires, old appliances, and if there are cracks in the wall hidden by paint. This way, you wouldn’t be facing too much problem in case of natural disasters.

  1. Check Out the Neighborhood

Before you find the best sungai buloh new house for sale, you should first check the neighborhood if it’s quiet, safe and if it’s a prone area. You don’t want to live a house where your neighbors are too rowdy, causing a lot of trouble, or if the place is often visited by natural disasters like flood, hurricane, and other dangerous storms. Therefore, it’s important to make a few types of research before making a transaction with the seller or owner of the house.

Best sungai buloh new house for sale

  1. Check the Plumbing

Now, you don’t want to start moving into a house where plumbing becomes a problem. Therefore, while you’re checking out the house, try opening the sink’s faucets and see if the water flows smoothly through the hole. You should also check the pipes under the sink to see if there are any leaks, mold, or water damages.

  1. Do a Home Inspection

Since you cannot do the inspection all alone, you should consider hiring a specialist for the day to thoroughly check the house’s overall condition. This way, you’ll know all the parts of the house that needs repairment.


And there you have it before you get all excited and start looking at different houses for sale in Sungai Buloh, you should first make a couple of researches about the house, place, and its natural environment to know if it the place is often hit by strong storms. This way, not only would you ensure that you and your family are living in a safe place, but it would also prevent you from worrying about your home insurance in the case when a claim is needed.

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