What are the different types of scaffoldings? Explain their uses

By on April 4, 2021

A platform used in building construction for a short period that supports workers in repairing, constructing, or cleaning of physical structure or machine known as scaffolds. Scaffolds consist of several planks with different lengths and sizes. It also involves variant techniques of support that are based on the type and their usage. Many popular companies are giving their services by providing all types of scaffolding. All Trade Scaffolding is a big name in the scaffold industry. It is an Australian company that has experience of several years. Depending on the project workers sometimes required timber scaffolding in which support for the planks is given through the use of timber frames. These frames are designed with vertical posts, horizontal longitudinal supporters know as ledgers. These ledgers give support to the transverse members. A cross bracing is done longitudinal and transverse. The planks lie on the transverse members.  In other words, we can say, scaffolding is a temporary arrangement used for construction work where workers take it as a platform for them that supports the actual structure. Any specific structure of scaffolding is not designed by anyone while it is decided based on construction and their needs. It is created by using high-quality materials because it acts as a support for workers on construction sites. Wood and metal both are part of scaffolds. They both have better performance at a construction site. There are many types of scaffolds come to the market that has their different performance and uses.

All Trade Scaffolding

  1. Trestle scaffolding: This kind of scaffolding is made by using movable ladders. It is the most general type of scaffold used at the construction site. Workers generally used them for painting, repairing purposes.
  2. Steel scaffolding: This kind of scaffolding is created by using steel rods. They are easy to assemble or disintegrate. Froma safety point of view, these scaffolds are not much successful.
  3. Patented scaffold: These scaffolds are also made by using steel rods but they come assembled that has a couple of fitting and frames.
  4. Suspended scaffolding: It issued for many repairing works along with painting on houses. It has an adjustable feature that provides many benefits to the workers during work.
  5. Kwikstage scaffolding: It is the most popular scaffolding used for big projects. It does not need any complicated installation process while only having an effortless assemble system.
  6. Cantilever scaffolding: It is single frame scaffolding that needed proper checking before installation.

Conclusion: Scaffolds are an important part of every construction site. it provides several befits to the workers by supporting them in their work. Repairing, construction, or painting kinds of work are easily done with the help of scaffolds.

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