What Are the Best Flooring Materials for a Home Remodeling?

By on August 25, 2022

Flooring materials may range from natural stones and synthetic tiles, vinyl sheets, hardwood planks, carpet, laminate tiles, polished concrete, composite planks, and beyond. You can choose from various styles and types, but not all of these could be beneficial to your remodeling requirements. This is why you are dependent on the professional services of a San Antonio contractor.


The following are the most common choices when it comes to remodeling the floor of your home. Your option for this depends on your decisions for budget, functions, and design.


Sheet vinyl as well as vinyl tiles may be laid down on top of any existing floor, given that the floor is in good condition and entirely flat. Tile installations that are existing require a certain level of compound to be applied to the surface. This will make sure that all the grout joints are filled up to the surface, preventing a depression on the floor from forming which may result in broken pieces.

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When it comes to any flooring project, what could be considered best options are man-made and natural stone tiles. However, these are also the most difficult to install due to their technicality. This is why you have to ask for a demo of the existing flooring material down to the concrete slab and underlying subfloor. When it comes to concrete slabs, you may apply a thin layer of mortar then set the tiles. Make sure that you have a sufficiently thick layer on top of the subfloor that can support the tile.

Hardwood or Laminate

If you want to ensure ease of installation and affordability, your best option would be hardwood or a composite/laminate floor. What it requires is for the installation surface to be flat and solid. This means that you may install floating floors on top of any existing hardfloor, tile, or vinyl floors without requiring any demolition. All the pieces are fitted together following the  tongue-and-groove if not the snap-together edge system.


If you are after a softer finish, you may go with a carpeted floor rather than vinyl or hardwood and ask for the help of a San Antonio contractor. This can also be installed over a wood subfloor by using tack strips around the edges or glued down just like concrete slabs. It is possible for you to stretch any carpet on an existing finish surface like tile or hardwood for as long as you mount the tack strips around the edges of the room and towards the subfloor. If the floor surface is even, flat, and solid, this can be glued down.

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