Things You Should Know Before Conducting Business in Silicon Valley, San Jose

By on September 25, 2019

It’s not rocket science that the Sunnyvale-Santa Clara-San Jose metro areas are all ideal for businesses. Otherwise known as the Silicon Valley, these areas bagged the top two spot, next to Florida’s Greater Tampa Bay Area, in the list of best places to start a business.

With such a vibrant business climate, it’s not astonishing to know that the rate of office space for lease in San Jose is skyrocketing in these areas.

Why San Jose?

Here are the reasons why you should seriously consider San Jose as a place for building your business:

  • Compared to other major US cities, San Jose has the lowest crime rates.
  • The metropolitan area in San Jose is home to more than 64,000 high-technology companies, with more than 240,000 workforce members.
  • San Jose’s metropolitan area is also home to manufacturing companies, with 1 in every 5 Santa Clara County workers employed in the manufacturing industry.
  • People residing in this area have more than enough money to spend.
  • Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial environment is characterized by risk-taking, collaboration, and innovation – all essential for providing the motivational framework necessary for tech startups.

Considering these facts, it can be said that San Jose is an ideal place to work, live, or start a business.

Where can you pay business tax in San Jose City?

Any company or individual that conducts business in San Jose is mandated by law to pay business tax before the start of any business activity. This tax payment is required whether or not the said business has a physical office in the city. The said rule is also applicable even if the said company doesn’t have a leased property or an office space for lease San Jose.

The amount of tax payable to the city of San Jose is dependent on the business type, the number of employees, and the number of owners. You can coordinate with the City Finance Department to find more information about your business tax liability.

How can you get a Business Tax Certificate in San Jose?

If you have already paid your business tax, you can get a business tax certificate or a business license from the City Finance Department. This certificate will serve as your official receipt of the tax amount you paid. Remember to display your tax certificate in different conspicuous areas of your store or business establishment.

How can you find the right office space for rent in San Jose?

Now that you know what to do before you can start a business in San Jose, it’s time to find the right property where you can set up your office.

There are many vacant spaces in strategic areas all over San Jose that you can consider. However, to make things easier, use Office Finder online to filter your search based on the type of property, location, and space requirements.

To do this, just visit Office Finder’s website, choose San Jose as the city where you’re hunting for properties. After that, choose from the drop-down menu what kind of space you’re looking for. And finally, write down the space requirement and click “Continue.”

With a single click, you will automatically be directed to another page where all available properties that fit your specifications are listed. Indeed, Office Finder is a hassle-free way of finding your future office location.

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