Things You Need To Know About Your Next Business Trip To Jeonju

By on January 17, 2023

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  • This city may be home to a significant number of hanok

Hanok are traditional mansions formerly owned by members of the nobility. They are easily recognizable by the sweeping roofs made of slate tiles, whitewashed mud walls, and private courtyards that they feature. Hundreds in Jeonju are all assembled in the middle of the city along a network of cobblestone lanes known as the JeonjuHanokMaeul.

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  • It was at this location thatever made the first bibimbap

One of the most well-known dishes is called bibimbap, which is of rice, vegetables, chili paste, and an egg. Although there are many variations, one may trace each one back to its roots in this place. Locals in Jeonju assert that the city’s food generally has the finest taste. Not only is Jeonju the place where bibimbap is and the best place to consume it.

Somehanoks have been modernized into hotels, one owned by the grandson of the last king. Since one must sleep on mats stretched across the floor in a hanok, this accommodation is not exactly lavish. There is a diverse selection of locations for travelers to rest their heads each night, ranging from the most basic of rooms in a home kept mainly intact to the most luxurious suites in brand-new hotels that have just opened their doors.

Getting off the train at Jeonju is like traveling back in time, even though Jeonju is just around two hours by rail away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. In addition, Jeonju was the spiritual capital of the Joseon dynasty in the past; therefore, it is home to many well-preserved examples of architecture and cuisine from the Joseon period.

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In Jeonju, a proverb goes, “Eat once in Jeonju, and you’ll be pampered for the rest of your life.” Jeonju’s most well-known dish is bibimbap, consisting of a bowl of rice topped with meat, egg, vegetables, and a spicy sauce.

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