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By on April 19, 2022

Cabinets are the storage spaces that hold our most essential items. Be it jewelry, important papers, or even cash. We rely upon our almirahs and cabinets for their safety. Today, with increased safety systems, we worry less about theft from our cabinets, but can we be sure that our cabinets are fire resistant? No! Office or home requires full-proof anti-theft and fire resistance cabinets. So, bring in today’s metal cabinet Singapore.

Why Should We Choose Metal Cabinet Singapore?

The cabinets in offices store critical and confidential files. In a professional environment like that, it is essential to ensure that all the documents are organized and protected against any accident. Metal cabinet Singapore offers high-quality fireproof cabinets with a lock for maximum material safety.

Singapore metal cabinets are so durable that they won’t be damaged in flames. Metal cabinets are available in a range of sizes to satisfy every client’s need. They have a single drawer and double drawer cabinets ideal for any storage. These cabinets make sure to protect the important stuff inside them protected at any cost.

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What Are The Best Features Of Metal Cabinets In Singapore?

It is not only that metal cabinet in Singapore is anti-theft and fire-resistant. They also come with many other benefits that a professional office space cannot deny buying them. These cabinets are available from 1 to 4 drawer systems to store a few items to multiple files and documents in one place safely. They also have a central locking system to lock every drawer independently and collectively. They also come with a mechanical combination lock and an electronic keypad.

Every drawer is fixed separately in the cabinet to separate the stuff of one drawer from another. These fire resistance cabinets offer 90 minutes of fire protection and can bear up to 925-degree Celsius temperature. It makes sure that all the documents are saved and well protected from fire.

Cabinets and storage spaces are an essential part of a household or Office. So, investing in the best quality metal cabinet becomes a priority. The metal cabinet services in Singapore have a wide range of office cabinets, night deposit safes, data media safes, etc. So, you can 100% rely on them for the safety of your data.

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