Steve Sorensen Select Staffing Sheds Some Light On The Domain Of Mergers And Acquisition

By on May 5, 2020

The terms mergers and acquisitions are commonly heard in the contemporary corporate environment. Steve Sorensen mentions that mergers and acquisitions are terms that are used to describe the consolidation of assets or companies through diverse types of financial transactions. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing has been a part of the corporate world for years and hence has a good knowledge about the elements of mergers and acquisitions. He used to be the Chief Executive Officer at the Select Family of Staffing Companies. Currently, he associated with the Esperer Holdings, LLC, which is a holding company that supports diverse business assets.

Mergers and acquisitions have over the years emerged as one of the most effective and prompt ways to grow a small business. Steve Sorensen, however, mentions that while there are many advantages to this method, it also has a number of risks. Hence it is vital to understand the key features of this process to go through it successfully. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing is quite well versed in the aspect of mergers and acquisitions.  It is one of the key domains his company, Esperer Holdings LLC, specializes in.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing Sheds Some Light On The Domain Of Mergers And Acquisition

Here are a few characteristics of a robust merger and acquisition process as underlined by Steve Sorensen Select Staffing:

  • Defined Goals:  When planning to purchase some other business, it is crucial to have a well-defined goal on what people hope to accomplish with the merger or acquisition process. The type of goals people may focus on includes expanding territory, boosting sales, as well as entering a new market. Acquiring patents, technology or certain other assets is also a key goal that people may have. Identifying the key goals of the venture, as well as the ways these goals can be adequately measured would help people to start off with this process on the right foot.
  • Transparency: Steve Sorensen Select Staffing stresses upon the fact that transparency is absolutely critical in any merger and acquisition venture. In order to limit the risk of someone withholding information, in many cases, all parties involved with the event are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Disclosing aspects related to legal situations, business finances, and anything that could impact the venture is typically required legally.
  • Communication: It is vital to maintain open and frequent communications during any merger and acquisition process. In addition to the communication between the owners of the companies in question, this also refers to the various other stakeholders, including the employees. In case the employees feel that adequate information is not being given to them, they might even start looking for other jobs, which would subsequently harm the company in question during this critical process.

In the opinion of Steve Sorensen Select Staffing, apart from taking care of the elements mentioned above, it is also important to have a qualified transition team in place during this process to avoid any issues and conflicts, as well as to keep things running smooth due course of the merger or acquisition process.

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