Step by Step guide of hiring shipping containers 

By on February 3, 2021

Shipping containers are typically the safest and reliable facility for storing different goods for shipping or safekeeping. Forty feet high SCF shipping containers are usually used for shipping cargo by air, land or sea. Buying a shipping container can be costly, and that’s why it’s advisable to hire, especially if you need it for short time use. Here are various factors you should you consider before you lease any shipping container:

1.     The size and type of the container

First and foremost, you must determine the container’s precise size and type that suits your company requirement. It should be affordable to lease a big shipping container containing all your cargo for transportation instead of hiring many small boxes. If the shipments are being transported to different destinations, you need to consider the type and the type of container.

2.     Rental duration

Another essential factor you must consider is how long the container will be rented. If the container is only required for the shipment, it’s advisable to determine the schedule and time the container will return to the hiring company. If the container is hired for long time use, calculate the maximum time it should in use.

SCF shipping containers

3.     Compare the rates of different shipping companies

Since every shipping compare has come up with its own rates, you should compare their rates and make the precise decision based on your requirement. It would be best if you never settled on the first company you’ve come across. Take your time to compare the rates and the purposes it intends to serve.

4.     Complete hire paperwork

A rental company requires the accomplishment of lease application with the necessary information about the customer’s business and the kind of properties or goods they purpose to store in the container for shipping or safekeeping. A deposit of certain is also encouraged, which is refundable on the return of the container.

5.     Request the total shipping expenses

Get the whole delivery expense of hiring the container, mainly when transported to the storage warehouse. If the business location is far from the shipping station, then you will have to transport the container to your nearest place. In this situation, your entire expenses will be increased and included in your overall costs.


Lastly, you should also prepare and place the ideal place to keep the shipping container until the next shipping day of your cargo. If you have an inadequate place for keeping your merchandise, you will have to take a renting option. SCF shipping containers are among the most reliable and flexible facility for transporting different products. Visit their official site for more information. Better still, you can visit your nearest shipping company that offer reliable shipping services at affordable cost.

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