Some common cybersecurity threats faced by businesses

By on June 13, 2021

As businesses have started increasingly using the online space, they are exposed to more risks inherent in this platform. Cybersecurity threats are very serious and can damage important data along with the reputation of the company.

Businesses should learn to protect themselves with security features installed and also provide security awareness training to employees.

Be aware of these prominent threats and the way out too.

  1. Malware attacks:

It is a major cyber threat faced by many companies and causes serious damage when it is planted. Hawkers are always on the prowl and make use of the opportunity to sneak into the company’s system. Hackers create malicious code with which they can access the company’s data. They can embezzle information and also destroy them totally.

This malware gets access in the form of downloads from unknown sources, or spam emails, or USB devices that were already infected. Trojan horse is a type of malware. Every vital information of the clients, bank accounts, etc can be easily accessed by hackers and it could seriously cripple the business when it is known outside.

This is the reason strong web security from and endpoint protection solutions should be in force. This can help prevent attacks.

  1. Phishing:

This is the most damaging and commonly found cyber threat for a business. It is shocking to note that nearly 90% of violation faced by a company is in the form of phishing.

  The violators or attackers pretend to be the known source to the company and induce people including the employees of the organization to download or click on a harmful file. They are also given access to important data and other account-related information of the organization. This is more difficult to control. This is more than a technological attack since it uses manpower here.

Security should be more tighter in such a case. Employees should be given security awareness training. Also, Email security can help prevent the delivery of phishing emails. Even if delivered, they can report them and can be deleted from the mailbox before opening.

  1. Passwords:

The use of weak passwords in the company to access databases is also contributing to cybersecurity threats. Multiple services are having different accounts in a company. If the same or similar password is used then data may be at risk. Report findings are that easily guessed passwords account for the major risk in any company.

To eliminate this risk password management technologies should be implemented. More factors other than a password should be introduced for authentication. All these help to reduce the risk and protect the company’s sensitive data.

  1. Ransomware:

This is another common name that we come across and accounts for nearly 70% of cyber threats in a year. All the data relating to the company can be encrypted and locked by hackers. They can threaten the company to pay a ransom for the release of the data. Companies have no other option but to pay the money to recover data.

Endpoint protection helps businesses in such cases. Also, effective cloud backup of data helps companies to quickly recover after a ransomware attack.

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