Reddy Kancharla – Management and Leadership Skills for Construction Projects

By on June 9, 2020

The construction industry sees a wide spectrum of different types of workers. Right from laborers for your construction site to skilled electricians for the building, you actually need to bank on many construction workers for your project to be successful. There is a very high demand for construction workers across the nation and the world today. However, finding skilled workers is indeed a great challenge. However, there are some ways in which you can get construction workers with good qualities if you correctly search for them. Bringing these diverse workers and placing them on the same page to ensure the project completes in time and on a budget is one of the biggest challenges that all project managers face.

Reddy Kancharla – Conquer challenges with the right action plan

Reddy Kancharla is a credible civil engineer with invaluable experience in the USA’s construction industry. He has earned certification in the field of quality documentation (ISO 9000) and Quality System Auditor (ISO 9000) at the Bureau Veritas, Dubai in 1994.  He is well-known for his management and leadership skills when it comes to construction projects associated with the corrective planning of buildings, roadway construction projects, overseeing the structural designs, managing structural failures, and more.

Construction Projects

The diverse team works towards a common goal with zeal

In the opinion of Reddy Kancharla, when you are in charge of a construction project, you must ensure workers of different levels and skills are aligned with the project’s goal. For instance, the laborer, the carpenter, and the electrician work together. Their skills are different; however, all of them have the common goal of constructing the desired structure based on their clients. The construction project manager’s main duty is to ensure these workers are skilled and informed about their daily tasks.

The importance of interpersonal skills in construction projects

Though every project has a timeline and budget fixed for it., there are several instances where things might just get off the track. Construction projects depend upon time and finance, but they also depend upon other hidden circumstances that might not have been present at the time of conception; however, they have suddenly cropped up during progress. It is here that the project manager, along with the rest of the team takes control of the unforeseen situation so that the bigger tasks of the project are not hampered. This is where planning and leadership skills come into play. Interpersonal skills with workers help you to get feedback and sense issues before they arise. Open communication is a must of you want your projects to be successful.

Construction projects cannot be rigid, according to Reddy Kancharla. There has to be scope for flexibility, and a good project manager is a proactive crisis manager as well. When it comes to the management of construction projects, financial management is equally important. If you pay attention to these key aspects, it becomes easier for you to manage projects better and counter the challenges that come in the way.

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