Methods Of Carpet Cleaning Services

By on September 20, 2022

Commercial carpet cleaning is not an easy task: if you want to fully clean the carpets at your business or commercial building, you have various alternatives to choose.

It’s not something you can perform on your own; neither can the cleaning person or team you hired to clean your offices and facilities.

Commercial carpet cleaners, or commercial carpet cleaning services, are the only ones that can handle this sort of work. Knowing about them in advance will allow you to evaluate which approach is best for your carpets and, as a result, employ the best commercial carpet cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning, begins with a pre-vacuuming to remove dried dirt from the carpet.

The carpet is then sprayed with a cleaning solution to remove grease and oil. To improve the results, a brush machine or a grooming rake may be utilized.

Finally, the carpet is rinsed with pressured hot water and cleaned with a wet vacuum to remove any leftover dirt and solution. The fundamental advantage of this procedure is that no powder or other dry substance is left in the air.

Dry Foam Cleaning

A mechanical brush is used to apply thick foam to the carpet during dry foam cleaning. A pre-conditioner is sometimes used initially.

The foam and debris are then extracted from the carpet with a wet vacuum. This approach is well-known for its ability to remove stains while creating minimal dampness.

Bonnet Cleaning

A detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet initially to break down the dirt and stains. The carpet is then run over by spinning equipment known as a bonnet machine, which has a replaceable bonnet or cushion on the bottom.

The bonnet absorbs the cleaning detergent and debris and is changed as needed until the entire carpet has been cleaned.

The fundamental advantage of bonnet cleaning is that it uses very little water and leaves very little moisture behind. In addition, after cleaning, the carpet dries rapidly.

Encapsulation Cleaning

A unique polymer is utilized in this sort of commercial carpet cleaning to encapsulate all dirt particles on the carpet. This is accomplished by spraying the polymer solution onto the carpet and agitating it into the fibers using a machine. The crystals formed by the procedure can then be vacuumed up. Encapsulation has the advantages of being cost effective and allowing the carpet to dry quickly.

Wet Shampoo Cleaning

This is a rather old approach that is still used sometimes nowadays. A foamy solution is sprayed to the carpet in such a manner that it penetrates the fibers before being retrieved using a wet vacuum. When employing this procedure, use a synthetic detergent or a commercial carpet cleaning solution to avoid leaving a sticky residue on the carpet.

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