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1.     Introduction

Yes there are different modes of transaction we doesn’t even involve the third person to know the transaction details and also it is very difficult to hack by the hackers, if you are searching for such kind of transaction then cryptocurrency is the best method of transaction you can do as it is very easy and also it does not involve any centralized body like banks or any companies to transfer your money and it is very transparent between the sender and the recipient and also this transaction takes place within no time Atlas transaction charges when compared to the centralized banks involvement because they charge more if the transaction happens from country to country, if you are choosing for the best website to do this kind of transaction then visit website Solana Blockchain which is the best platform where you can transact your money with their lightning speed and also very secure

Solana Blockchain

2.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of decentralized currency

  • As it involves virtual currency or decentralized currency people might get frightened if they send lots and lots of money to the person living in other country whether it would reach the person or not so even now they prefer centralized banks to get it done as they provide physical form of transaction statement which give relief to the sender
  • Yes there are some websites which are not safe and also one should prefer the best website to do this procedure, if you are looking for such kind of website then visit the website Solana Blockchain which is the safest platform and blockchain system to transfer your money
  • The government and also people should upgrade to this method of transaction as it is very secure and also it cannot be easily hacked by the hackers and also that transaction takes place within minutes and also there are less transaction charges as there is no third person involved where you have to charge them extra
  • When you can sack money to the recipient usually the transaction details should be verified by the nodes and it’s 50% of the nodes says verified then only the transaction takes place and also the information of the nodes is stored in the form of blocks and these blocks are connected to form blockchains and each block will have the details of the previous block, and these blocks are not easily hacked by the hackers


If anyone choosing this method of transaction then visit the above mentioned site, which is a good platform for virtual transactions takes place and they happen within no time and their transaction charges are very less when compared to centralized transaction where you have to pay extra money to the third person and also it is the safest method of transaction



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