Joe Cianciotto Talks About The Job Role Of A Creative Director

By on December 8, 2020

Over the decades, a host of new and innovative job roles have cropped up in the market, the role of a creative director being one of them. Joe Cianciotto mentions that these professionals are basically responsible for determining the creative vision of a brand or project and then ultimately manifest that vision through digital, film or print media.  Joe himself has worked in the role of an executive creative director, and hence has a good insight on this profession. He mentions that the job of these professionals is largely to maintain a cohesive look and feel of a project, no matter whether it is an advertisement, a magazine, or even a video game.

While the specific duties and responsibilities of a creative director may vary from one project to another, one of their key focuses always is to recognize, nurture, and protect the innovative ideas of people. Joe Cianciotto mentions that these professionals also establish budgets, timelines, and manages client relationships. In addition to a high level of creativity, a creative director also needs humility, perspective, openness and resolve to succeed.  They must have the capacity to visualize innovative designs and campaigns, and be competent in representing the message and image of their company in a visually attractive and meaningful manner.

As Joe Cianciotto says that creative directors are often tasked with a host of important duties and responsibilities. Here are a few of them:

  • Managing the creative process of a campaign right from concept to completion
  • Deciding the ways to turn ideas and messages into visuals
  • Selecting and approving photographs, artwork, graphics and designs
  • Translating the marketing objectives of a company into clear creative strategies
  • Working closely with multidisciplinary project teams present at a firm, its IT department in particular
  • Meeting with and creating designs with the aid of the marketing and advertising departments
  • Leading and directing the creative team in the process of production
  • Making sure that all the visual communication and brand standards of a company are competently met
  • Overseeing the various client pitches and proposals
  • Monitoring and managing the elements of profitability, deliverables, timelines, and budgets
  • Meeting with clients or upper management for the purpose of explaining campaign strategies and solutions
  • Reviewing work, troubleshooting, and providing feedback to the discerning creative teams
  • Being actively involved in hiring and training creative staff

To a great extent, a creative director shall be responsible for managing and cultivating the career members of various staff members, which may include the designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, and web developers. These professionals tend to be required to both manage and instruct the creative staff start, and oversee their work through all the stages of a project. A good creative director must always encourage their team to have creative freedom and come up with original designs. However, they also must be adequately firm with their team and make sure they deliver quality work within the specified deadlines.

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