Joe Cianciotto – 3 Vital Reasons Why Large Companies Should Advertise on Social Media

By on November 2, 2019

Social media is becoming one of the most viable platforms for businesses to advertise their brand products in the market. Unfortunately, many large companies are hesitant to use this platform to promote their products to their customers. The owners of these businesses feel traditional advertisement channels can help them achieve their objectives. These owners assume they will be in a position to generate adequate revenues to ensure the growth of their businesses. As a result, these owners fail to take advantage of many favorable opportunities.

Joe Cianciotto – Why should companies use popular social media platforms for advertising their products?

Joseph Cianciotto is one of America’s well-known advertisement and marketing experts. His area of expertise extends to advertising on various print, social media, and audio-visual channels. He has a distinction of working for some of the most prestigious advertisement agencies in New York. These include Translation, DDB NY and D’Arcy Worldwide. In each of these agencies, he has been responsible for discharging the offices of Vice President, Executive Creative Director, and Chief Digital Officer. In recognition of his contribution to the advertisement industry, he has won many awards.

Joe Cianciotto state the following three reasons why large companies should be using social media to advertise their brand products:

  1. Cost-effective

Social media is one of the most cost-effective advertisement platforms for large companies to promote their brand products. In fact, the owners of these businesses spend only a fraction of the costs they incur under traditional advertisement channels. In the process, they can still reach out to a large targeted audience and convert them into potential customers. By using social media to advertise their brand products, these businesses can save a lot of money.

  1. Boost customers engagement

Social media allows owners of large companies to interact with the members of their targeted audience more effectively. This enables owners to these businesses to gather vital information on the purchasing habits and interests of these purchasers. They can then modify their marketing strategies to cater to the needs of these potential buyers. If the owners are successful in their efforts, they can convert many of them into customers for their businesses.

  1. Builds brand awareness

Owners of companies know how important it is for them to make their targeted audience aware of their brand products. Only then can the owners expect these purchasers even to consider buying their products. Social media gives the owners the ideal platform to increase the online visibility of their brand products. It enables them to attract many potential online customers and encourage them to buy their products. In the process, they will be increasing their existing customer base at budget-friendly rates.

Joe Cianciotto says large companies need to recognize the potential of social media as a viable advertisement platform. Only then can they enhance their existing customer base. The owners of these businesses are in a position to engage with their targeted audience in a more effective manner. This is not possible for them to do so with conventional advertisement channels. In the process, they will be increasing the online visibility of their brand products. In doing so, these owners will only be spending only a fraction of their usual advertisement budget.

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