How to find out your poly bag size?

By on March 18, 2023

To determine the necessary dimensions, you will need to measure your product once you have chosen a poly bag type. If you chose a flat bag, choose the length by the width that is right for your product. It is important to consider the size and number of each component when creating a bag for a volume with very small products. Calculate the dimensions that would accommodate that volume based on the overall volume of product to be placed in each bag. To account for imprecision in Rutan Poly as well as to provide space between components, it is important to size up.

When converting a desired volume to dimensions for a gusseted bag, treat the bag as a rectangular prism. Even though you still need to add some room to your measurements to ensure the bags have enough room, gusseted bags are easier to fit correctly due to their depth and shape. Rutan Poly is happy to accommodate custom orders if your calculations reveal that you need a non-standard size.

The Best Ways to Store Plastic Bags

Common applications

Items of all kinds can be packed, stored, and shipped in poly bags. As part of their efforts to control the effects of plastic bags on the environment including oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, and wildlife habitats, state legislatures have enacted policies limiting their presence at retail locations. Also concerned is reducing waste management pressure and landfill capacity.

  • It is possible to package food in FDA-approved, food-safe poly bags, preventing moisture or contamination while displaying bakery items, produce, and bulk foodsimply and attractivelyay that can include custom branding elements.
  • Plastic bags make it easy to organize hardware of all sizes and shapes. They are also great for shipping items that need to be assembled.
  • Whether it is single-use bags for bulk grocery customers or tougher sacks for animal feed, thin, plain bags are an affordable way to package bulk goods.

In addition to clothing, office supplies, and home goods, poly bags can protect, contain, and display nonfood items as well.

In Summary

  • There are many types of plastic bags, which are receptacles made of unwoven plastic that can be used for storing, carrying, and packaging all types of goods.
  • Most commonly, polyethylene is used to make plastic bags because it is composed of long chains of ethylene monomers, which are the primary ingredients in polymerization reactions.
  • As a marketing tool, product protection device, and packaging material, plastic bags have become an integral part of modern life.
  • As new uses for plastic bags are discovered each year, the number of plastic bags is limitless.
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