How to choose the Right wedding Marquees

By on March 2, 2022

Outdoor weddings are quickly becoming the preferred option for today’s couples. If you’re one of these newlyweds, you must know that there are a variety of wedding marquees to choose from in addition to a suitable wedding marquee hiring. The Third Day Wedding marquees come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, and you should first pick from different wedding marquee types before deciding on a marquee provider.


Tepee Wedding Pavilion:

 These resemble party tents and are supported by a tripod of poles. There are exposed beams and inner ropes in this tent. In comparison to other styles of marquees, this one appears to be less formal. They offer a relaxed setting for meeting new individuals and initiating conversations.

Bedouin or Indian Wedding Marquee:

A Bedouin tent has a stunning exterior with exotic patterns that sets it apart from other types of wedding marquees. It can feature open pavilions or canopy designs. These types of tents are more suited to evening wedding receptions. The wedding marquee constructors should provide tables, chairs, and other furnishings for the wedding party. They’re in charge of the table linens, chair coverings, crockery, and glasses as well.

If the wedding tent rental does not include your preferred kind of linen or tableware, you may still rent these separately for a fee. Whether you’re planning on hiring a DJ or a band to entertain your wedding guests, make sure to inquire if the marquee firm also offers modular dance floors and movable stages.

wedding Marquees

Framed Wedding Marquee:

 Such marquees are supported by solid metal frames and come with firm flooring, windows, and structural walls. It is a massive tent with several pieces that may be split. You may have a dancing area, a bar area, and an eating area in one tent. It may also include air conditioning, lighting, and heating. This wedding marquee is ideal for large events and can withstand unforeseen weather changes.

Several factors will influence the sort of wedding marquee you select for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The amount of available space or the site’s circumstances should be considered. Of course, the marquee must fit within the confines of the location. If you’re hiring wedding caterers, you’ll need a space where they can operate without being disturbed.

A food tent attached to the main framework of the wedding marquee may quickly solve this problem. Remember that caterers will want electricity, lighting, and water. Kettles, water boilers, lamps, and bands are among the most power-hungry items. For all of them, you might need to rent a generator.

Finally thoughts

Restrooms or individual trough urinals are required for marquees distant from bathroom facilities. These devices also require electricity, and they are, of course, more expensive. Portable toilets or private toilet cubicles are required for marquees distant from bathroom facilities. These devices also require electricity, and they are, of course, more expensive. Visit The Third Day Marquee Hire for more details.

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